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Cape Town is the most popular tourist destination in Africa. It glints at the southern part of Africa. The glamorous sensation, outstanding infrastructure, mind-blowing natural majesty and many adventurous activities are the foremost temptations of this gorgeous city. The lovely climate of Cape Town is a boon for the travelers. The beauty of this lively city is beyond any description. It is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The magical togetherness of the magnificent Table Mountain and Atlantic Ocean takes place in this city. Cape Town is a perfect fusion of history and rejuvenation. I travelled to Cape Town with my girlfriend few months ago and we had a great time. Cape Town is full of life and it made our holidays unforgettable. Travel to Cape Town

We started our holidays with a stop at Table Mountain. This mountain is the most eminent tourist attraction. It is situated in the Table Mountain National Park. Table Mountain is a stunning mountain hemmed in spectacular view. You could either choose a cable car ride or hiking to reach the top. We opted for the cable car. As we were going up; the views were becoming even more beautiful. The surrounding area was tremendously lovely. The cable car ride was very enjoyable. We saw some clouds rolling off the peak of a slope of Table Mountain. It was a breathtaking view. I felt like as if it was an illusion or a dream but it wasn’t!Travel to Cape Town

The cable car rotates at 360 degrees so that everyone could see the panoramic views. It took us around 8 to 10 minutes in cable car to reach the top. The views from the top of the mountain were awesome. The city and the ocean look fantastic from the top of this mountain. We were enormously happy. We held hands together and started walking and exploring the mountain top to get more panoramic views. This is the perfect place for watching the most beautiful views of Cape Town. The greenery of the surroundings would impart numinous serenity to your mind. It was an ideal start to our holidays. Next time, we would love to experience hiking on this dazzling mountain.Travel to Cape Town

The Table Mountain National Park is exceptionally gorgeous. Cape of Good Hopes is the best example of its inimitable beauty. It’s the place from where you could observe the hallowed unity of two oceans. We were very excited to see this place. This place is fabulous. The views were truly mesmerizing. We had read the history of this place. And our knowledge definitely made this place even more interesting. A walk along the coast is always delightful. This place remains crowded with a number of tourists. We were very lucky because when we visited this place; only few people were around. We enjoyed our privacy at this lovely place. Visit this place on a clear day so that so could see the superb views very clearly.Travel to Cape Town

Kirstenbosch National Botanical Gardens is a blissful place in Cape Town. It is situated on the eastern slope of Table Mountain. We visited this park with loads of expectations and this place didn’t disappoint us. This botanical garden is remarkable and it is considered as one of the seven most beautiful botanical gardens of the world. This garden is really very large. It includes a cultivated garden and a nature reserve. There are many rare and endangered species of plants in this garden. The flora and fauna of this stunning garden look phenomenal. The flower beds really make the environment a little romantic. My girlfriend loves gardening and she was very happy to see beautiful flowers and plants all around. I was pleased to see that big smile on her smile. We sat under a big shady tree and enjoyed watching the flowers and surroundings. This place is wonderful and ideal for a picnic.Travel to Cape Town

Hiking up the Lion’s Head peak was one of the most exciting experiences that we had in our holidays in Cape Town. It is sited between Table Mountain and Signal Hill. The hike starts with an easy trail and then it goes steep. It took us around two hours to reach the top. The views were incomparable. You could see the unsurpassed views of the Robben Island, Table Mountain and Cape Town from the top of Lion’s Head Mountain. I advise you to wear good shoes for climbing up this mountain and do take some water with you. You have to burn some calories to reach the top but your tiredness would be taken away by the mind-blowing views of the surroundings. You could see the lovely views of many major attractions of Cape Town from the top. The views really deserve the effort to reach them. It was an enthralling experience for us.Travel to Cape Town

After experiencing the hiking, it was time to take some rest and what could be better than a beach! So, we decided to visit Clifton Beach. Clifton is a cluster of four beaches; each one separated by a boulder. You could roam around this area and chose your favorite beach to sit and relax. All of them are extremely beautiful. We wanted to spend some good time away from the crowd and for this; we chose the beach with the least crowd. It was very lovely. The surrounds were outstandingly pretty. We decided to watch the sunset from this place. Our decision was really praiseworthy. The sunset looks stunning from this beach and we were awestruck by its beauty. Clifton Beach is a wonderful place to watch the sunset.

If you want to get back to the memorable time of FIFA World Cup 2010 then do visit Greenpoint Park and Biodiversity Garden. It was one of the projects that were built for that grand event. This park is amazingly beautiful and you could enjoy tons of activities in this park. There are different playgrounds for different age groups. The park has a sailing lake and a fishpond. There are many benches to relax and enjoy the views of the park. It’s probably the best thing that came out of FIFA World Cup 2010. This park is an ingenious work done by its architects. It is very informative also. The staff showed and explained different types of plants. It was very nice experience.Travel to Cape Town

We wanted to see the famous African Wildlife and for this purpose, we visited Boulders Beach. It’s a unique and amazing beach with hundreds of Penguins all around. We both love Penguins. I feel that they are one of the cutest wildlife creatures. It is always fun to watch them. We had seen them many times but it was our best experience of watching Penguins. It was amusing to watch a huge number of Penguins playing and enjoying together in their habitat. We saw some penguins who were taking their chance to watch the humans around and it was very entertaining. We also saw a Penguin sitting on her eggs. Boulders Beach is a commendable place to visit.Travel to Cape Town

On the last day of our vacations, we decided to visit the Robben Island. We really wanted to see the place where Neilson Mandela was kept in prison for 27 years. We went there by ferry. During the ride, we watched some unique views of Cape Town. It took us around 40 minutes to reach there. We stayed there for 3 hours. It was very informative. We got to know the history of this country. They showed us a video revealing the history of South Africa. The best part was the prison tour. It was headed by an ex-prisoner. He shared his personal experiences with us. It was very overwhelming. This experience would always remain in my mind.Travel to Cape Town

We had a memorable time in Cape Town. We did many adventurous activities in our travel and after every adventure; the nature awarded us with panoramic views. We know that there is a lot more to explore in Cape Town and we would love to visit to visit there again to discover its hidden treasures.


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