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My family and I travelled to Canada for our annual vacation and I can guarantee you that every moment spent in this beautiful country was worthwhile. As is the tradition, I prefer preparing a vacation itinerary way before travelling because this minimizes the chances of missing important attractions as well as take into account every family member’s interest and this particular trip was not any different. I had heard so much about Ontario so we began our trip by visiting this city that is a popular travel destinations. Being summer, the temperatures were stifling but we were determined to have a great time.

travel to canadaWe began by visiting a number of places in Toronto. Our first stop was the CN Tower, the city’s telecommunications hub that stands at 550 meters tall. Admission to this facility costs about $35.99. This afforded us the opportunity of a kind to walk across a glass floor that is 113 stories high. Although exciting, this experience comes with great adrenaline rush and if you have the phobia for height then you cannot do it. Apart from the glass floor, we also enjoyed the Himalazon motion theatre ride before watching a 15-minute film on the construction of the tower. Finally, we also got a panoramic view of the city from the revolving 360 restaurant. My son 13-year-old son was particularly excited because he aspires to curve a career in the telecommunications field. From here, we went to the Hockey Hall of Fame of fame where we learnt quite a lot about the origin of ice hockey. Although we each had to pay an entry fee of $17.50, it paid off because my eldest son is obsessed with the sport.

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travel to canadaWe later drove (we had hired a car) to the Toronto Zoo where we spent most of the afternoon. We each paid an access fee of $25 since none of us was below the age of twelve. By the way, it is advisable to purchase the tickets online to avoid queuing up as there are many people coming to the zoo every day. Spending time at the zoo was quite refreshing as it created a sense of oneness with nature. The zoo covers an extensive area so sampled a section of the over 5,000 species of animals before taking to the nature trails. The 6-mile walk through the trails in the serene environment was a totally blissful and I would recommend it to anyone who loves being in the wild. We later on took our two sons to the Discovery zone that is designed to offer children a wildlife experience that is interactive. Some of the highlights of this zone that my children loved the most include the splash Island that offers hours of water play and water theatre. We then took to the exhibits section that has seven zoogeographic regions. This is a must-see if you are planning to visit the zoo. We finally concluded our zoo visit by having a hearty meal at the Africa restaurant.

The other city that I would recommend to you is Ottawa because this is where we had all the fun is. This city is bursting with life and there is a lot you can do here. With too many activities to choose from, we opted for those that were in line with our tastes and preferences. This included a visit to Canadian museum of civilization that holds a collection of the cultural, artistic and historical achievements of the first people of Canada including those whose decisions have shaped modern Canada. We were also lucky enough to catch up with the changing of guard at parliament that is a show pageantry, pomp and music. The show is held daily and can be watched between June and August at no cost.

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The Calypso Theme Water Park is another great place that you must visit whenever you are in Ottawa. Here you can be sure to have the best aqua experience in the variety of pools as well as waterslides like we did. I cannot talk about this amazing park without mentioning the Jungle run that is characterized by turbulence, twists and turns that made me think of going back to this place repeatedly but then again we were on vacation. After putting a lot of energy in the water games, we had to settle at one of the restaurants within the park for a meal.

Another must visit attraction in Ottawa that we visited is the Rideau Canal Skateway that is accessed free of charge. Unfortunately, being summer there was no ice so we only got to see the 7-kilometer Skateway before leaving for Parliament Hill that magnificently overlooks Ottawa River. We had a guided tour through the House of Commons, the Senate, the public galleries as well as the top area of the Peace Tower. There are also a number of sculptures of Canadians who have made remarkable contribution to the country that will definitely fascinate you.

travel to canadaMy love for art could not allow us to leave without going to the National Gallery of Canada that is not too far from Parliament Hill. If you are an art lover, you will do yourself a lot of good to spend time at this gallery as you will have a rare opportunity to interact with a huge collection of Canadian art that include paintings, decorative arts, sculptures as well as various other forms of art. Our vacation could not be complete without a visit to the Niagara Falls and the site of the water that straddles between Ontario and the United States is breathtaking. Besides, we also had the opportunity to access to attractions that families as well as couples can enjoy. We visited many other places and attended a number of festivals during our two-week long vacation in Canada so I have only shared what I found to be captivating. Ultimately, you can never go wrong with a vacation to Canada no matter the time of the year.

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  1. Thank you for taking us on this most interesting journey to Canada smiley3


    Just like yourself, I like to meticulously prepare my trips beforehand in order not only to have a basic knowledge of the places and attractions I visit which I consider to be a mark of respect for the countries I visit, but also not to miss important things, as much as possible.

    I would have loved to hear about the festivals you have attended while being in Canada if you would like to share your memories of it with us, maybe wink ?



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