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travel to brazilIf you want to spend your holidays at a place which offers you a wide array of options to hang out and to have fun, then Brazil it is! Some brilliant architectural works and bountiful Natural wonders are the real jewels of Brazil. This country has something for everyone under its wings. Whether you are a nature lover, an adventure lover or a fun lover; Brazil do have something special for you. Last month, I had one week off and I decided to utilize my vacations in the best way, so I travelled to Brazil. These seven days were the best days of my life. I enjoyed my life to the fullest and I am very glad to share my experience with all.

I have travelled to many countries but I felt in love with Brazil as soon as my flight landed in Rio de Janeiro. There is a magic in its ambiance that would pull you towards it. This city offers stunning natural and architectural beauties. You could start exploring its grandeur from Corcovado Mountains. It was my first stopover in Rio de Janeiro and it is actually a great point to start your holidays. Corcovado Mountains is a real natural splendor and it was beyond my expectations. The views were panoramic. The statue of Christ is the gem of this place. It was a wonderful experience to see such huge statue on the cliff of a beautiful mountain. I enjoyed the views for a while and clicked many photographs.

The scenic views of Corcovado Mountains really filled me with gigantic keenness to watch the bird eye view of this alluring city. In order to fulfill my wish, I visited Sugar Loaf Mountain. The facility of cable car is available to go up. I really enjoyed the cable car experience. The views from the top travel to brazilwere mind-blowing. The city was looking amazing. I could see the beauty of Rio at its best. The sun was about to set and I decided to watch the sunset views from this place. I was looking forward to some wonderful sunset views and this place didn’t disappoint me. I have watched the sunsets from many gorgeous beaches but watching sunset from the top of mountain was a completely different experience. Sun was looking like an orange ball and it was slowly moving down. Numerous birds were huddled and chirping as if they were waving farewell to the sun. Even the sky got dipped into the immense beauty of the sunset. It was undeniably the most wonderful sunset view of my life. This way, my first day came to an end. I was very glad because I had really got an excellent start.

In Brazil, every morning starts with a new pace and you can find something special in its atmosphere. Rio de Janeiro is world famous for its striking beauty. Some great architecture takes its beauty to another level. The statue of Christ – the Redeemer is the perfect example of the architectural elegance of Rio and Brazil as well. I wanted to see this place from a long time and it was a very emotional moment for me. The statue of Christ looks as if it is ready to hug the entire universe in its arms. The environs were adding to its beauty. I have never seen such wonderful beauty anywhere else. Owing to its exquisiteness, millions of people voted for it and made it one of the Seven Wonders of the World. It is really a wonder. travel to brazilAside from this marvelous statue, you could also enjoy the panoramic views of rainforests and of the entire city. It’s a lovely place and it would reward you with eternal reminiscences.

The sunset views of Sugar Loaf Mountain were still there in my thoughts. I wanted to watch such pleasing beauty again so; I decided to spend my evening at Pedra da Gavea. I had to put loads of effort to reach the top but the beautiful trails were incessantly stirring me to go up. The hike was difficult but the views were undeniably magnificent. The 360 degree picturesque stunning view of the city really took my breath away. The views were worth the effort.

Florianopolis city was next to being followed. This city is known for its superlative beaches and excellent surfing. If you love beaches, then you would also love this city. Rio had filled beauty in my vacations and now, it was time to fill my vacations with some adventure. Mole beach is the place where you could enjoy the amazing aquatic adventures. I went there and I got more than my anticipation. It’s a lovely white sand beach. The water was crystal clear and it was shining in sunlight. Most of the people visit this place for aquatic sports like kite surfing. I availed the chance of kite surfing and it was a superb experience. I was thrilled. Also, the dunes were amazing. It’s a great place for surfing.

Campeche Island is another gem in Florianopolis. It’s a small and splendid Island which entices many tourists. It’s a quite paradise away from noisy and overcrowded places. You would certainly appreciate its majesty. It’s a good place to enjoy diving and to observe unmatched aquatic beauty. I spent travel to brazilfour hours in this island. There is a beautiful beach named as IIha do Campeche Beach on this island. This beach is considered as the best beach of Florianopolis. It took me ten minutes on ferry ride to reach this beach. It was indeed very lovely. You could see striking mountains on the background. The sparkling blue water acts a perfect base for a canvas with dazzling mountains in background and shining white sand in the front. The scenery was fantastic. This beach is perfect for relaxing.

Some local people recommended me to visit Lagoinha de Leste. It’s a stunning beach situated between Pantano do Sul and Matadeiro. There is a hike to reach this beach. I started from Matadeiro. I enjoyed the hiking and the beauty of this beach was worth the effort. This beach is an intact glory of Mother Nature. It was voted one of the top ten most beautiful beaches of Brazil. The location of this beach is outstanding. It is actually hidden by green hills and this beach witnesses the togetherness of a river and sea. This view really makes this beach even more enchanting. I just loved this place and I would definitely visit this beach in my next trip to Brazil.

travel to brazilIt was the sixth day of my holidays and I decided to spend these last two days in Sao Paulo. It’s the largest city of South America. Art is the main appeal of this city. I wanted to add some melody in my travel, so I decided to visit Sala Sao Paulo. It is one of the best concert halls in the world. Its building is the magnum opus of architecture. It would make you marvel that how beautifully a train station of past has been converted into a wooden music hall. The interior of this hall would refresh your mind. The music concert was an amazing experience. I have attended many music concerts in my life but it was truly the best. The orchestra did a great job.

I didn’t want to leave Sao Paulo without watching the wonderful art of this city. So, I went to Pinacoteca do Estado. It’s a museum. The architecture of this museum is
It’s a wonderful place.

travel to brazil

I spend seven best days of my life in Brazil. I had fun, adventure and also I viewed the scenic beauty. So, it was a perfect holiday. I would definitely visit Brazil again to explore it even more.
awe-inspiring. It is actually a historic building which has been converted

into a museum. This museum has a wonderful collection of Brazilian art work. It was great to see such wonderful art. On one side of this building, there is a park named as Parque da Luz. This park is very unique. It has many old and bravura trees. There are some superb sculptures too. It was a wonderful place.

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