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Travel to Belize

Sited in the mouth of Belize River, Belize is a famous destination for the tourists who love beauty, adventure and history. Belize is a perfect blend of these three. Whether you want to relax on a lovely beach or you want to peep into the history of Maya which is considered as the most brilliant civilization on our planet; Belize has everything for you. You could enjoy diving from the world’s second longest reef and also take pleasure of swimming in the calm waters surrounded by stunning landscapes. I travelled to this beautiful country few days back. During my one week vacations in Belize; I had a superb time. Every moment was a new enthralling experience. I enjoyed a lot and I highly recommend this country to everyone who is planning their vacations.

San Pedro is the city from where I started my journey. It’s a calm and beautiful city dotted with many lovely beaches where you can sit and enjoy the beauty of sea and sand’s combination. San Pedro is the center of attraction for the divers. If you want to feel the delight of marine activities like snorkeling and diving then this city has a lot for you. I am an experienced diver and I was looking forward to have delightful diving experience in this city. My zeal took me to Hol Chain Marine Reserve. This Marine reserve is considered as one of the best places in the world for scuba diving. My expectation was high and place didn’t disappoint me. In fact it was more than what I was expecting.

Travel to Belize

I had decided that I would do snorkeling and diving both and I started with Snorkeling. Frankly speaking, it was my ever-best experience of snorkeling. There is a lot to see under water. You could watch the colorful and marvel marine life. It was a pleasure to watch the colorful small fishes and eel fish. There were some unique species of fish that I had never seen. I was amazed to see the wonderful marine life at this place. The colorful corals look very lovely. I spotted a brain coral which was exactly looking like a brain but it was very huge than the actual brain size. I could feel many small and colorful fishes tickling my toes. It was great to feel them around my body. I was very much delighted.

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Now, I wanted to dive and for this I joined a group of six people who were going to their diving tour with their guide. They all were very friendly and the guide was extremely informative. He shared his previous experiences with us and also gave us some useful tips. It was the best diving experience of my life. Spotting the lovely marine life under the Caribbean was probably one of the most pleasant moments of my life. We all were enjoying watching the life under the sea. I spotted an eagle ray. I was watching it for the first time and I was astounded. It looks like a kite with a long tail. Our guide caught a nurse shark and invited all of us to touch her. It was one of the most memorable moments of my diving tour. If you want to have your ever best experience of scuba diving then you must visit Hol Chain Marine Reserve. Take your best underwater camera. You would love to take many photographs of this lovely marine life. This marine reserve is a paradise for snorkeling and diving lovers.

Travel to Belize

My next halt was Ambergris Caye. This city is a heaven for the divers and nature lovers. There are many things in this city which would amaze you thoroughly. You must visit this city when you travel to Belize for watching the great blue hole. It is the most enchanting natural wonder that I have ever seen anywhere around the world. Great blue hole is the only blue water hole that could be seen by naked eyes in the space. It is so spectacular that you won’t believe your eyes. The day trips to the Great Blue Hole depart at 5:30 am every morning from Ambergris Caye. Planning a day trip to see Great Blue Hole was the most rewarding decision that I made during my travel. I had to pay $250 which included breakfast, lunch, snacks, drinks and three dives in this magnificent blue water hole.

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It took us around three hours to reach this blue water hole. The views of Great Blue Hole were breathtaking. I was blown away by its magnificence. It was like being in heaven. I had never imagined such natural splendor even in my dreams. Those stunning and matchless views would stay in my mind and heart forever. Blue Water Hole is probably the most wonderful creativity of nature. This hole is 1000ft in diameter and its depth is 460 ft. The dark blue water looks tremendous. It is just like a perfect picture with light blue water all around and dark blue water in this 1000ft circular hole. Diving in Great Blue Hole was an incredible experience. I saw numerous lovely and colorful corals and spotted some amazing sea creatures. For me, it is the most beautiful place on our planet and you must visit Belize to see the most beautiful incarnation of nature. It’s a heaven for nature lovers.

Travel to Belize

Belize is home to some spectacular ruins of Maya Civilization. A trip to Belize can never be complete without watching the remains of Maya. I have read the interesting history of this brilliant civilization and I was very excited to see its remains. The Marco Gonzalaz Maya site is located in the southern part of Ambergris Caye. I was in the same city and I really wanted to see the remains of Maya; so I visited this site. You could reach this site by golf cart or a scooter. I enjoyed the golf cart ride up to this place. This place is very interesting. There are many broken pieces of Pottery everywhere and you have to be very careful while walking. You would also find many conch shells on the ground. Some small huts could be seen at this place. The site is not completely excavated but still it is interesting. Also, I saw many birds around this place. Make sure to protect yourself with insect repellents because there are many mosquitoes and other small insects.

I had already enjoyed the best of snorkeling and diving in Belize and now I was looking forward to do some unique activity. And finally I decided that I would do Tube Caving. In this activity; the participants have to tube down a trail and then into the cave. I booked my tour with ‘Cave Tubing Bz’. This company is famous for organizing cave tubing in Belize. My guide was very entertaining and he kept me laughing all the way to the cave. Getting into a cave was somewhat challenging but also very exciting. I saw some minnows inside the cave. There are also some bats inside it. I did it for the very first time and I enjoyed a lot.

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Travel to Belize

Viewing wonderful wildlife was another delight that I had in Belize. I visited Belize zoo to watch animals and birds. This zoo is located outside Belize City. It took me 45 minutes to reach this zoo by bus. The environment of Belize Zoo is very calm. It’s a good place to relax and watch beautiful birds and animals all around. I was welcomed by the staff holding snakes in their hands. You could touch snakes and also you could get your picture with them. I was scared so I didn’t touch the snake but I saw many people having photographs with them. You could see many animals on the other side of the fence. The staff would call them for you. My zoo trip was very enjoyable.

I really enjoyed my vacations in Belize. It was full of adventure, fun and unmatched natural beauty. I recommend this beautiful country to all adventure and nature lovers.

Travel to Belize

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