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I love to travel and experience the beauty of our wonderful and beautiful world. I appreciate the magnificence and glory of nature. I have traveled to many countries around the globe. A few weeks ago, I decided to visit the amazing island of Aruba. I started my journey by going north to Arashi and then went down south to Baby Beach. I enjoyed being in this beautiful island. It made my vacations very special. Travel to Aruba

I landed at Reina Beatrix International Airport, Oranjestad and that’s where I started my journey. Oranjestad is the capital of Aruba. It is also the largest city of Aruba. Oranjestad houses the largest port on the island. It amazed me seeing so many ships docked at the port. The outdoor shopping mall at Royal Plaza astonished me. There was a beautiful scenery and bright sun which made the shopping mall glow. I bought a few things as souvenirs. Caya G. F. Betico Croes, is Aruba’s main shopping street in Oranjestad. It is also called as the Main Street. It was a building full with different stores and a few places to eat.

Oranjestad features some traditional Dutch multicolored buildings. The architecture of these buildings made me want to stay in Aruba forever. I have never seen such colorful buildings anywhere else. They made me feel like I was in a dream. Oranjestad is a “must visit” place for everyone. After that, I went to the Archaeological Museum of Aruba. It was not that far away from Main Street. It has the oldest part of Aruba’s cultural heritage. I was dazzled by the beautiful and unique pieces of the ancient world of Aruba. I took a long walk around the museum and took pictures in my mind of these wonderful things put to show. This museum had shown me things I have never seen anywhere else. Others, who come, will be speechless seeing them. I drove around the miraculous city for a while and then resumed my journey north.

Travel to Aruba

The next city I went to was Bubali. Butterfly Farm is the major attraction of this city. Almost every species of Butterfly could be seen in this magical garden. There were so many different types that I could not even count them all. It left me saying “OH MY GOD”. I have never seen so many different types of the same species in one area. Here, you could see the development cycle of a butterfly. Watching how these beautiful creatures develop from an egg to a beautiful and colorful butterfly was far most the best experience of my life. You must visit this place to see thousands of colorful butterflies. You would love it. Everyone was snapping pictures of this fascinating place. I took some pictures as well and headed for my next stop, Bubali Bird Sanctuary.

Travel to Aruba

Bubali Bird Sanctuary is the best place for bird watching in Aruba. It is easily accessible and this fact makes it popular among the locals and tourists. There are around eighty types of migratory birds including ducks, coots, egrets, cormorants, skimmers, herons and gulls in this lush green Sanctuary. The peaceful and ravishing scenery made it feel like there was no better place to come to. The 360 degree panoramic views of this bird sanctuary and its beautiful surroundings could be seen from the observatory tower which is located on the north of this park. This wonderful sanctuary looks even more beautiful from the observatory tower. Seeing the birds fly made me want to fly with them. You must visit this place for bird watching and have fun. After Bubali Bird Sanutaury; I headed to Eagle Beach. The cool and fresh breeze of this beach refreshed my mind. I saw the spectacular views of sunset from Eagle Beach.

Travel to Aruba

After leaving Bubali, I went to Antilla, the ship wreck. I had to take a boat into the sea until I got there. I wasn’t a big fan of swimming and diving into water, but after coming to the shipwreck, everything changed. I dived down into the gigantic sea and I was scared at first, but after a few minutes I liked it. I could see everything that was there, including the shipwreck. I saw many sea creatures like fish and many other species which I had never seen before. Seeing colorful corals was a superb experience for me. I felt like I was in another world, full of things with beauty. I could keep describing this enough to write a book about it!

After experiencing the wonderful views of underwater world, I went to my next destination, Arashi. I wanted to relax and enjoy the oceanic beauty; so I went to Arashi Beach an hour or so before sunset. I found a great place to see the sun go down. It was nice and breezy. Seeing the sun go down was even better because the sun’s reflection was on the sea. I went to the last things up north, the California Lighthouse. It was a humongous light house which stood about 100 feet tall. This lighthouse was a symbol of the architectural and unique essence of Aruba. This was the last site up north, so I started to go down south of Aruba.

Travel to Aruba

The north trip of Aruba has left permanent memories in my mind. The next stop was the ruins of Natural Bridge at Andicuri Beach. It was far from the California Lighthouse, but that did not stop me from seeing it. It made me sad that I was not able to see the bridge before it collapsed. The ruins were still beautiful and I heard the roaring water waves. After watching the ruins of the bridge; I went to Arikok National Park. It was not far from the ruins of the Natural Bridge. It covers 18% of the island. It has three primary geological formations which include quartz diorite formation, a limestone formation and a lava formation. These formations extend inward from the coast. These natural wonder not only amazed me, but the tour that they gave, taught me many things about the geography of Aruba.

Travel to Aruba

Several rare species of birds and snakes are found only in Aruba. Santanero and Cascabel are the two rare species of snakes which exists only in Aruba. You could also see the rare bird species like Shoco and the prikichi. Seeing the prikichi parakeets made me fall in love with the nature and species of Aruba. The fresh air, the exquisite scenery, and the animals at Arikok National Park truly make it a truly wonderful place. Cactuses were everywhere. Everything fit together for a perfect way to have a vacation. You could sit down on the beautiful rocks and enjoy the beauty of its ambiance. This tourist spot gives great moments of life to everyone who comes and visits it. This is definitely a “must see place” for everyone.

Travel to Aruba

My last stop down south was to the Baby Beach. I took a few days to relax in the sun. I woke up before sunrise just to see the beauty of the rising sun on the blue sea. Even though I would have liked to stay in Aruba for some more days but I had to go back. But before ending my vacations in Aruba; I went to the Haystack Mountain. It is also known as Hooiberg. Hooiberg is a 168 m high (541 ft) volcanic formation on the island of Aruba. The English translation of Hooiberg is Haystack. It is an awesome volcanic mountain. I hiked up this brilliant volcanic mountain to watch the splendid views of sun rise and I was literally blown away by the views. It was an enchanting experience.

Travel to Aruba

My trip to Aruba was the best trip I have ever taken. I saw many spectacular views of nature and also I learned many things about the culture of this charming Island. The trip has left permanent memories in my mind. My flight left from the Reina Beatrix International Airport, Oranjestad. This was a memory of a lifetime.

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