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travel to AlaskaIn the knee of United States, Alaska State is a perfect destination for making your holidays worthwhile. Alaska is known for its captivating beauty. The high mountains, Glaciers, versatile wildlife and the scenic beauty are some trinkets of Alaska which act as a temptation to thousands of tourists. Alaska has some magic in its aura that makes the visitors to baffle at the beauty of this state. I am in high spirits to appreciate its glory after spending holidays with my wife in Alaska. We chose Alaska for our holidays because we wanted to get rid of the hustle bustle of our daily routines and wanted to taste the adventure and picturesque beauty of Alaska.

We started off from Anchorage. The mind-blowing views of snow-capped mountains and Glaciers are the authentic charms of this marvelous city. We wanted to soak our souls in the majesty of the alluring natural beauty of Anchorage. We had made advance booking for a trip to Prince William Sound with ‘Prince William Sound Glaciers cruises’ which is a company that organizes wildlife and Glacier cruises. We have heard about them from one of our mutual friend. This company is ranked at the top for organizing wildlife and Glacier cruises in Alaska. Prince William Sound is situated on the south coast of Alaska. A sound or a seaway is a slender waterway which connects the bodies of two different Islands. There are many Glaciers in Prince William Sound.

travel to AlaskaRight from the moment we had stepped into the ferry; we were literally feeling as if they have transferred us to a different world. We took a seat in the first row and probably we saw the most excellent views. The mountains were swathed in the snow blanket. Some clouds could be seen wandering around the top of them. This scenery was breathtaking. It was a dream – come true moment and it filled us with a mysterious delight. We kept watching this fabulous panorama for 10 minutes. We wanted to fill our eyes and soul with this incredible exquisiteness. Then we incidentally looked back and we were bewildered at the views. The silhouette around the snow-covered mountains was rewarding a magical touch to the mountains. We took many photographs of this breathtaking beauty.

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You could imagine that if the surroundings are that stunning that what would be the height of its real magnificence. Prince William Sound is truly a complete package of beauty, adventure and uniqueness. The appealing oceanic wildlife adds a charm to the cruise. We watched some cute sea otters. We hadn’t seen them before so it was a first time experience for us and we really enjoyed watching them. We also watched the overwhelming view of sea otters playing with fishes. Watching a whale was another enthusiastic moment of our trip. We were feeling ourselves lucky to watch these oceanic wildlife wonders. Our tour was going great.

travel to AlaskaOn our cruise, we all suddenly heard a loud noise and this was the moment when we finally came across the glaciers. The view was so amazing that it took my breath away. My wife and I held hands together to watch the most wonderful natural beauty that we have seen in our entire life. The head of glaciers was spilling in the ocean and was producing thunderous sound. This was the most exhilarating moment of my life. It was truly a life time experience and it left us with undying reminiscences. One thing that I must appreciate is the interesting commentary throughout the cruise. It really enhanced the charm of our tour and made it more interesting. Our trip to Prince Williams Sound was crammed with load of thrill and beauty. Every moment was special and worthy. We would love to visit there again in our next Alaska travel.

travel to AlaskaThe stunning Chugach National Forest was another mesmerizing experience that we had in Alaska. It is the second largest National Park of Alaska and the third largest National Park of the United States. The greenery of this forest is eye and mind soothing. The fresh air infuses into your lungs and you could feel the immense novelty within yourself. It is bliss for hiking lover. There are many spectacular hikes in this forest and you could enjoy the most enthralling hiking of your life because as you go up; the scenery becomes more commendable. You could also enjoy watching the wonderful wildlife. We availed the opportunity of hiking on its dazzling trails. My feet were demanding loads of vigor to go up but I was filled with an enigmatic enthusiasm. I was encouraging my wife all the way. Finally, we reached the top and the views were worth our effort. I have never seen such beauty anywhere and it is beyond any explanation. At that instant of time, we realized that we were travel to Alaskaactually enjoying the most wonderful moments of our to Alaska

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Chugach National Forest is very large, so don’t expect to see every part of it. We knew this fact but we wanted to have a glimpse of the hidden brilliance of this foster so we decided to take the advantage of adventure of Helicopter skiing. It was a brilliant decision of ours because we saw some mind-blowing views of its hidden valleys. The sunlight was giving a sparking effect to the water of the river. The incredible wildlife of this forest is one of its plus points. We saw many species of wildlife including eagles and hawks. It was good to watch them. We also had the fun of fishing and we were lucky enough to catch some fishes by the end of the day.

After assembling all the wonderful beauty of Anchorage, we bid valediction to this lovely city. Denali National Park was the next to follow. It is famous for Mount McKinley peak which is the highest mountain peak of North America. It’s a place where you could discover some wildlife that you have never seen before. Watching thetravel to Alaska tallest peak of America was a pleasant experience. It is said that only 30 percent of total visitors of Mount McKinley peak could watch it without being covered with clouds. It’s a matter of pleasure that we made it to that 30% club. It was very exciting for us. The view was outstanding and it really energized us. The best way to observe its beauty is to take a flight over the top of it. There is no point in going to Denali National Park and not watching the top of this glorious mountain. We did take the flight with fly Denali and felt the charisma of Mount McKinley. It was a clear day and the sunlight was adding a shimmering effect to this peak which took the beauty of this peak to another level. We were really lucky that it was not a cloudy day and we got to enjoy the grandeur of Mount McKinley.

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travel to AlaskaAside from Mount McKinley Peak, Denali National Park also offers a versatile wildlife. The Sled Dog Demonstration is one of the activities that must not be missed in this park. It is very informative and free of cost. They demonstrate it very impressively that how they make use of these animals in the park. This would leave a great impression on your mind and you would no more be afraid of dogs. You would also get a chance to pat the sled Dogs. I must say that the dogs always remain excited to pull the sled. They really enjoy their work. It was fun to watch them travel to Alaskapulling the sled.

Denali National Park is sprinkled with many scenic views and Park Road is the best way to watch all the stunning vistas. Park road starts from the entrance. Starting from the first look at Mount McKinley; this road takes you to the end of this park. Wonder lake is another highlight after Mount McKinley that you would get to see. While watching this park through the Park Road, we spotted many animals including some wolves. I would describe this park as the sky where Mount McKinley is the moon. Wildlife and other scenic views are the stars of this travel to Alaskasky. It was undoubtedly our ever-best journey and we are already planning another tour to Alaska.

travel to Alaska

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