Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Dittilou

Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Dittilou For Vacation

The travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou can help you know about this beautiful vacation destination in Djibouti.

You should read up travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou, so you understand the locals who would be your great hosts.

Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Dittilou

Dittilou is located around the Day Forest National Park or Forêt du Day, at 700 meters above sea level, right on the flank of Mountain Goda, close to Tadjoura, Djibouti. 

 The enchanting landscape is covered with a thick forest alongside a desert land. 

The location of Dittilou makes it look as if it is in another country. The closest airport is the Tadjoura Airport.

Simple travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou

Watching Wildlife

You can find some notable wildlife species around Dittilou like the Djibouti francolin, leopard, green-winged pytilia, and rare colubrid snake.

The travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou help you find birds like the Tôha sunbird, Gambaga flycatcher, Somali bulbul, Egyptian Vulture, Dracaena ombet, and Somali starling.

Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Dittilou

Forêt du Day National Park

Forêt du Day National Park is also called Day Forest National Park, a national park that is located in the Goda Mountains.

 It is a closed forest and protects the forest island that is in a semi-desert.

Forest species like Buxus hildebrantii, Olea Africana, Juniperus procera, and Tarchonanthus camphorates are the dominant species.

 Forêt du Day is Djibouti’s largest forest with 13900 ha. The park is greatly threatened by human disturbance, hunting, and firewood collection.

Natural and Cultural resources

Gypsum, salt, limestone and perlite, gold, clay, petroleum, marble, geothermal, and clay are the country’s natural resources. 

The culture of the people has been influenced by the numerous people who have managed the country and the culture of these people especially those from Yemeni, Somalia, French, and Afar.

Presence of UNESCO/World heritage sites

The only UNESCO World Heritage Site in the country is Lake Assal , which is a crater lake. The lake is one of the saltiest lakes on earth.

Most tourists come to see the Afar Triangle that is Africa’s lowest point and it is the largest salt reserve on earth. 


There is no relaxation spot in Dittilou. Tourists who may want to indulge in spa treatment can travel to Djibouti city where they can make use of hotels.

 You learn more from the travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou.

Must-try food and local savories

The cuisine of Djibouti has been fused with the Yemeni, traditional Somali, and Afar delicacies alongside continental dishes like the French culinary staples.

Local Savouries

The travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou offer you some of the local delicacies such as the Yemeni dish mandi, Fah-fah , and boiled beef soup.

Travel Tips for Travelers Visiting Dittilou

The travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou

Best places to eat

The few places to eat are right in the capital, Djibouti City;

  • Moukbasa National- oven-baked fish.
  • Tentazioni- an Italian eatery where tourists are served creamy risotto, pasta, piccata de veau (veal stew).
  • Melting Pot-tourists can order crab, steaks, sushi, camel meat, sashimi, lobster, fish, and many more. 
  • La Mer Rouge- Seafood
  • Café de la Gare- A French café 
  • Restaurant Saba- Poisson Yemenite, fillet of barracuda, camel steak, skewered fish, and meat dishes.
  • La Mer Rouge Restaurant- Seafood


There is no nightlife in Dittilou. Even the Tadjoura does not have a vibrant nightlife. 

Djibouti City is the only place where social life is experienced and some of the places where tourists can visit and mingle at night.

Travel essentials

With travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou, you should know what to come with to the destination.

Here are the travel tips for travelers visiting Dittilou :

Water Bottle- Water is very important in Djibouti, The place can be inhospitable during the hot season or in the desert. 

Sun cream – to avoid getting burnt under the sun when you are here.

Plugs: The common plugs are the Schuko and Europlug type sockets and the voltage is 220 to 240V and three-pin sockets.

Scarf and hat

Notebook: The note app or notebook helps tourists to write down some vital stuffs.

Change of clothes

 Face wipes: It can serve as an alternate bath sponge.

Toothbrush and toothpaste: 

Eye drops: Eye drops take care of wind, dust, or dirt that may affect your eye. 


Clothes to be carried based on seasons/month

The weather requires light clothes like T-shirts and other similar clothing. Umbrella can be handy in different weather conditions.


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