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There are often health issues that keep people away from traveling. But still there are many way you can keep away from these matters. Most commonly you need to pay very good attention on to your health and safety when traveling.

Here are some tips to guide your way through:

Take all the necessary medication for you journey. Keep a proper attention on taking them wherever you travel.

Be sure of your health insurance. You may purchase a short-term health insurance if you don’t have a proper insurance.

All the necessary documents must be in your safe hand. Having a medical backpack would be helpful at anytime. Have it documented about your medical conditions.

Most importantly your personal details must be documented in case of emergency.

These tips will help you in any emergency/crucial matters. Make sure you travel safe and healthy.

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  1. While traveling for vacations or business trips, you cannot avoid safety and health issues as it could be dangerous. I suggest, before travelling take a proper medical checkup if you are going for an adventure trip or going to African countries. Keep doctors prescribed tablets or vaccine in your bag.


    Medical Assistance Abroad

    If you get sick, you can contact a consular officer at the nearest U.S. embassy or consulate for a list of local doctors, dentists, and medical specialists, along with other medical information. If you are injured or become seriously ill, a consul will help you find medical assistance and, at your request, inform your family or friends. Health Precautions Air pollution abroad may sometimes be severe. Air pollution and high altitudes are a particular health risk for the elderly and persons with high blood pressure, anemia, or respiratory or cardiac problems. If this applies to you, consult your doctor before traveling. In high altitude areas most people need a short adjustment period. If traveling to such an area, spend the first few days in a leisurely manner with a light diet and reduced intake of alcohol. Avoid strenuous activity, this includes everything from sports to rushing up the stairs. Reaction signs to high altitude are lack of energy, a tendency to tire easily, shortness of breath, occasional dizziness, and insomnia. If possible, drink only bottled water or water that has been boiled for 20 minutes. Be aware of ice cubes that may not have been made with purified water. Vegetables and fruits should be peeled or washed in a purifying solution. A good rule to follow is if you can’t peel it or cook it, do not eat it. Diarrhea may be treated with antimicrobial treatment which may be prescribed or purchased over the counter. Travelers should consult a physician, rather than attempt self-medication, if the diarrhea is severe or persists several days.

  3. Hi friends,

    I am totally agree with you. But if any one travels more the one trip in a year, then he should think twice about annual travel insurance. Annual travel insurance is also known as multi trip insurance. It is a type of insurance which provides all the insurance regarding travel for one year. This insurance provides unique facilities for their holders. It covers not only medical expenses, medical emergency and stolen luggage, but also covers the cancellation fees if policy holder is unable to complete his trip. Many insurance companies cover 24 hours emergency service.

  4. You never know when you’ll need a doctor while traveling. Savvy travelers heading outside the U.S. take a list of travel medical clinics in the region they are visiting that are members of international organizations whose members may require some vetting. The International Society of Travel Medicine has information about clinics in nearly 50 countries around the world. The American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene also has a list of clinics.

  5. You had given such a useful informatio about Travel safety and health. Now a days travel safety is more important and also if you visit one destination and its atmosphere did not suit then may be you will be ill. Thanks for sharing such a nice information with us.


  6. Well according to me traveling abroad alone is too much boring. I  like travel in group. And also traveling without insurance is much risky. I believe in “Travel + Insurance = Peace of mind”. 

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