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Hey..have you ever travelled to any country without travel insurance? Travel insurance is beneficial for those who are frequent travellers and travel for business purpose. It will help ou a lot in compensating your losses that you face during the trip.

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4 thoughts on “travel insurance”

  1. Hi! I recently traveled to Israel but as it was a last minute trip I forgot to buy insurance before I left! A few days after I got there I realised but it was very hard to find a company that would insure me when I was already abroad. Eventually I found one but it was more expensive it would have been if I’d bought it before flying.

    However, I did buy it because I believe it’s so important to be insured when you’re abroad, you never know what’s going to happen. Earlier this year I was in India and I got dysentery and luckily I was insured beacause if I hadn’t been, my treatment from the doctor would have cost hundreds of dollars and I bought the insurance for only $20!

  2. Yes travel insurance is veryimportant even you are going on a trip for few days. It has mnay benefits and help us in many ways while we are in a new country. I always do insurance before any trip. But the only think that I felt bad in this sector is that there are some companies that are not trust worhty. There was such an incident with one of my friends. So its my advice to make choice of your insurance company and plan wisely. There should not be any hidden charges and everything should be made clear to you before going for that.


  3. Yes, travel insurance is an important part of your vacation whether you are traveling to a foreign country or to the next state you would consider travel insurance an important part of your journey. If something goes wrong, you need insurance for your trip, it covers medical expenses and life insurance for your family.


  4. I was just writing about important tips when travelling and I completely forgot the insurance… yes indeed it is absolutely necessary to have it!


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