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Time for a new game!!!
I present to you… “Travel Hangman”.    travel blog

It's like normal hangman, except it's travel related. It might be a place, the name of a company, something that you do when you travel… anything that's got something to do with travel.

OK, here are the rules

1. You are allowed up to 12 wrong guesses… a guess could be the suggestion of a letter or the suggestion of the whole thing

2. Nobody is allowed to make a guess until the person that's started the game has responded to any outstanding guesses. For example, if someone guesses 'A', you must first wait for the originator of the game to confirm whether there is or isn't an 'A' in the word. It's also probably helpful if the originator posts a list of wrong guesses to date.

3. If you guess a letter or word that's already been guessed, this WILL count as another life lost… you need to pay attention!!! Wink

4. Once you have guessed, you must wait for someone else to have a guess, before you're allowed another turn. ie. you can't have two turns in a row.

5. If someone gets the right answer, it's then their “go”. If nobody gets the answer by the time 12 wrong guesses are reached, then the originator of the game gets to have another go.

I'm going to start with one that I think might prove quite difficult. If nobody gets it, I'll make sure the next one is much easier.

Here you go:

_ _ _ _ _

Good luck…  travel blog

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  1. Sorry pal, your are wrong as all the others…
    Guys you suck 

    _ _ _ _ _

    6 wrong guesses: A, E, I, O, P, S (6 lives left)

  2. Zaky, your name doesn't bring much luck to you….
    Consider changing it or betting on another letter 

    _ _ _ _ _

    7 wrong guesses: A, E, I, K, O, P, S (5 lives left)

  3. Sorry Mary, I'm not a Gentelman, 
    And you have just made the group lose one more life.

    _ _ _ _ _

    8 wrong guesses: A, C, E, I, K, O, P, S (4 lives left)

  4. Sorry girl  Huh?
    No T… You are running out of lives…..

    _ _ _ _ _

    9 wrong guesses: A, C, E, I, K, O, P, S, T (3 lives left)

  5. Wow didn't get response for ages…
    And now I got two 

    Firstly let me add that I really like your profile picture Hippy22, it is very cute. Did you take it on your camera?
    Secondly you chose the last vowel, which is not the least!!
    And yes you are right!!! Finally somebody with balls!

    As for you niginigi, shame on you, you just make the group lose another life!!!

    U _ U _ U

    10 wrong guesses: A, C, E, I, K, N, O, P, S, T (2 lives left)

    Please be more careful with your next pick I'm gonna hang you all on my…

  6. I've never heard of 'dumb charades, hiding the thief'. How do you play?

    Post Merged: November 05, 2010, 11:47:00 AM

    Never mind, I googled it and found it.
    I think that any fun and harmless outlet for creativity is a beautiful thing…

  7. Sorry No B…
    You left your mates with the LAST chance to win the game….
    Please next traveler to play be careful with your choice…. Or you might end hanged on a long long rope….

    Think carefully !!!

    U _ U _ U

    10 wrong guesses: A,B, C, E, I, K, N, O, P, S, T (1 life left)

  8. That is Amazing!

    You got it right!!!


    I didn’t belive you would solve it. Great Job Jack!bigtup

    How did you get it  !?


    travel forum

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