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I recently wrote a web article listing a logical travel checklist which peolpe have said has really help to organise them, so thought I would share.

1 – 2 months before you travel

  • Check you have a valid passport and necessary visas
  • Ask your GP what vaccinations (if any) you may need
  • It's a good idea to visit your dentist and have a check-up
  • Know your destination, buy a good guidebook. Find out about local laws and customs, this prior knowledge could come in useful
  • Ensure you read the holiday brochure/guide and check the facts relating to health requirements and vaccinations
  • If you are travelling in Europe – pick-up a copy of 'Health Advice for Travellers' from your post office, apply for the EU Health Card (formally E111)
  • Get holiday insurance and check that the cover is appropriate
  • If you are driving to the airport, book your airport car parking
  • Buy a First Aid Kit and any medicines you may need

2 Weeks before you travel

  • Take enough money for your trip and some backup funds e.g. travelers cheques, sterling or US dollars. Some credit card providers offer great rates and low/no charges to use your credit card abroad

The week of travel

  • Start to pack, pack any items bought specifically for your holiday, remember if you are flying, all electrical items MUST be packed in your hand luggage
  • Pack any medication in your hand luggage
  • Ensure your holiday insurance policy documents are in your hand luggage
  • Check with your flight provider what the current restrictions are regarding liquids
  • Make a list of emergency telephone numbers and ticket and flight details – leave copies with family and friends
  • Leave a spare key with a trusted neighbour, friend or relative and ask them to keep an eye on the house while you're away
  • Finish packing your bags, remember anything you need during a flight or during your journey should be kept in your hand luggage
  • Ensure you have all travel tickets, passports and some cash in your hand luggage

The Day of Travel:

  • Make sure you take your holiday insurance policy documents and the 24 hour emergency phone number
  • Double check you have all essentials, passports, tickets, money, wallet, suitcase, children!
  • Use an electric timer switch with a lamp and set it to come on each night when it gets dark
  • Remember to lock the door behind you, close & lock all windows, turn everything off, it's wise to unplug all electrical items
  • Stay calm, don't panic, you're on holiday!

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