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If you have chance to visit Ninh Binh province, please do not miss chance to visit the Trang An Eco-Tourism Complex which is located in the vinicity of Hoa Lu, far from Ninh Binh city about 3 km. Hanoi Imperial Hotel staffs had chance to visit this magnificent complex and really would like to recommend to all travelers.

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The Trang An eco-tourism complex boats 12 historic relics and numerous grottoes and vaces, including a system of 48 auatic caves and carvens with a total length of 12,226m and springs, streams and rivers serving as portals into limestone mountain ranges.
Geologists waters overwhelmed. The process of geological evolution 200 years ago had created a subsurface system of interconnected caverns, caves and streams in the Limestone Mountains. The size and shape of caves has made up the maze-like formations to defend the Hoa Lu Ancient Capital. Vestiges found at the foot of the limestone mountains have provided proofs of the existence of sea here long ago.
That’s why the Hoa Lu limestone mountain area is also called “inland Halong Bay”.
In Trang An, boat trips are offered to enable visitors to explore the breathtaking beauty of the maze-like aquatic cave system, which is famed as the “sole aquatic cave system” in Vietnam’s northern delta region.
The very rich fauna and flora that has survived the time adds more weight to the spectacular beauty of the Trang An eco-tourism Complex. Here, it is hometo large threes, such as cho chi (Parashorea chinensis), and nghien (Burretiondendron hsienmu), and rare speciese of animals, like Phuong hoang dat (Buceros bicornis) and vuon yem trang (Nomascus leucogenys).
Here, traces of pre-historic people believed to inhabit here 5,000-30,000 years ago have been found in Boi and Trong caves and on archaeological sites on Cho Cave limestone mountain and Hay limestone mount.
Ancient pottery wares and objects used for making alcohol had been found in Nau Ruou Cave.

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