Train Ticket From Vienna To Linz


Austria has a lot of interesting places to visit and its capital city Vienna is the most popular among those interesting places.

Train ticket from Vienna to Linz

Whether you are planning a long trip with your entire family or just a day trip with your close buddies, this is a place to enjoy the nature and also the history of Austria and Vienna.


If you have heard of the name of the world’s oldest cake then you are not a stranger to this place Linz. Yes, the Linz torte is from this place. This is a great place to enjoy with your family and friends, but the most important thing to do when you reach this place is to order a piece of Linz torte first.

Train ticket from Vienna to Linz

Here are the available modes of transport from Vienna to Linz

Vienna to Linz train ticket

When you are visiting Linz from Vienna, then the best mode of transport is Train. There are a number of trains available between these two places, as these two places are very close to each other. Almost all the trains which pass by Linz will definitely stop at Linz. The journey time is around 1 hour and 37 minutes. The train ticket fare is between $38 to $80.

Vienna to Linz flight ticket

Flights between these two places Vienna and Linz are very few, you may have one or two flights per day. You will not have daily flights, just twice or thrice in a week. The fair is between $320 to $355 and the duration of your journey is 2 hours 26 minutes, but the shortest trip is about 40 minutes which is non-stop. This non-stop flight would cost you more than this.

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Vienna to Linz bus ticket

There are no regular buses between Vienna and Linz, but the travel agencies are going to arrange for bus trips between these two places during the peak time. When the crowd to this place is high, then you will have buses and the fare would also be high. So, it is better to choose Train – cheaper and you have trains for every hour.

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