Train Ticket From Riga To Minsk


The Riga Town Hall Square is recognized as a postcard attraction in Latvia. After travelling along the narrow winding streets suddenly the buildings spread out to make room for this large square. The special feature is the presence of the “Case of the Black Heads” a unique building style and other Gothic inspired structures.

Train Ticket From Riga To Minsk


The town of Minsk in Belarus is famous for its Victory Square which is located on the main street of Minsk the Independence Avenue; it has a circular shape and is usually a busy point of the Belarusian capital. The square is popular for its monument to the victory in the Patriotic War, a huge granite obelisk that is 38 meters high and decorated with symbols of the Soviet Republic of Belarus.

Here are the available modes of transport from Riga to Minsk.

Train Ticket From Riga To Minsk

The Latvian Railways Line Express provides daily railways transport service from Riga to Minsk. The travel duration is 12 hours and 10 minutes. There is only one regular schedule for this route so it is important to come ahead of time to secure your seat. The one way train ticket can be purchased for US$35 to US$40.

Bus Ticket From Riga To Minsk

Train Ticket From Riga To Minsk

The distance from Riga to Minsk is 472 km. If you’re taking the Line 8512 bus (Minkstrans), the travel time is 11 hours and 50 minutes. This company provides 5 non -stop routes on a daily basis. The one way bus ticket costs US$22. If you need the details of this bus journey, check:

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If you prefer to drive your car from Riga to Minsk, the travel time is six hours and 15 minutes.

Airplane Ticket From Riga To Minsk

There are two airlines that you can book tickets with if you’re travelling from Riga to Minsk and these are; Air Baltic and Belavia. It is the fastest way to travel between two towns with an estimated travel duration of one hour. The one way plane ticket costs US$210. To learn more, visit:

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