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Renaix Ronse

This place Renaix Ronse is one of the best and simple places for spending a day tour and people of all age groups will love this place.

Train ticket from Renaix Ronse to Brussels


The architecture the beautiful old buildings is one of the reasons for attracting so many tourists to this place every year. You must have a look at those beautiful buildings if you are in Belgium.

Here are the available transport options from Renaix Ronse to Brussels

Renaix Ronse to Brussels by Train

Renaix Ronse to Brussels is a very simple journey by train. You have trains between these two places on an hourly basis. But this is a break journey between these two places. First board your train from Renaix Ronse to Oudenaarde. The journey is 10 minutes and you have trains for every one hour.

Train ticket from Renaix Ronse to Brussels

The fare is $3. Next, you will have to board the train to Brussels from Oudenaarde. This is 55 minutes journey and it costs you something around $9. So, total journey is for 1 hour and 29 minutes and the fare is $12.

Renaix Ronse to Brussels by Bus

You do have any direct buses between Renaix Ronse and Brussels. But you will have to travel for more than 3 hours by changing different buses if you want to travel by just bus only. This is too tiring and boring mode of transport between these two places.

Renaix Ronse to Brussels by Flight

These two places Renaix Ronse and Brussels are too close and hence no flights available between these two places.

Apart from train, there is another option for traveling between Renaix Ronse and Brussels and that is by Taxi. The taxi is always available and the journey is about 56 minutes to one hour. But the fare is too high. You will have to pay $160 to $190 for one way journey. If you are having your own car, then it would highly cost you $15. Between taxi and train, these is a difference of 30 minutes, taxi will take you to your destination in just 56 minutes, so if money is not an issue, then you can go for taxi.

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