Train Ticket From Paris To Rome


Paris does not disappoint, as soon as you set foot for the first time it immediately shows its grandeur as one could imagine. And even its most famous Louvre Museum does not leave anyone disappointed. The tour is really huge, but well organized and properly integrated.

Train Ticket From Paris To Rome


Rome’s Pantheon is a majestic temple which is testimony to the high degree of expertise that its ancestors were able to achieve in the field of construction and aesthetic refinement. Unique and fascinating is the opening in the vault in the central dome.

Paris To Rome By Train

There are two regional trains that travel from Paris to Rome on a scheduled basis (TGV and InterCity). Reservations are not actually required, but a valid visa pass must be provided before purchasing a ticket. The travel time is estimated at 23 hours and 36 minutes. The first train leaves at 09:00 AM and the last trip at 11:30 AM. The most affordable railway ticket is € 100. This route is also covered under the EuRail train passes program. To plan your trip well, check out:

Train Ticket From Paris To Rome

Paris To Rome By Bus

The distance between Paris to Rome is 894 kms. The travel duration is estimated at 19 hours and 19 minutes. The earliest bus trip leaves at 09:00 AM and the last trip leaves at exactly 01:05 PM. Bus or coach service fares are offered at the lowest price of € 20. To get more additional details about bus travel between Paris to Rome, visit this site for more accurate information and compare rates and service:

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If you like to travel by land and drive your own car, you can rent one in Paris, travel time is 15 hours.

Paris To Rome By Plane

Paris to Rome is 684.08 miles via air travel. The travel distance is 2 hours and ten minutes. There are three international airlines that travel between these two cities. The first flight leaves at 07:00 AM and the last one leaves at 03:00 PM. The cheapest fare begins at US$ 89.

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