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Brittany is a beautiful city which highlights its impressive fortified old town pirate proof at the Les Ramparts de Saint Mallo. The feeling of stepping back in time is undeniably appealing. It is the very best of Britain at the height of Mont Saint Michel.

Train Ticket From Brittany To Paris


Paris’ Eiffel Tower is a unique attraction and the top crowd drawer in France. If you are not afraid of stairs, it is exceptionally worth all the effort to climb the 1st and 2nd stage. The sparkling lights in the evening ensures beautiful pictures. To avoid the long lines, be there early in the morning if you want to go up in the elevator because it can get pretty busy towards the afternoon.

Here are the available modes of transport from Brittany to Paris.

Train Ticket From Brittany To Paris

To reach Paris from Brittany via

railway transport, you need to take a taxi that will bring you to the bus station in Pontivy. From this point, take the SNCF bus ride that will take you to the train station in Rennes. From Rennes, you must board the TGV Express (Line TGV) that will bring you to Paris. The travel time is four hours and 15 minutes. The train ticket ranges from US$100 to US$130. To get the full details, check here:

Train Ticket From Brittany To Paris

Bus Ticket from Brittany To Paris

The distance between Brittany to Paris is 467 km. There are two bus transport companies that cover this route; the Keolis Armor and the SNCF Bus. The travel time is ten hours and 55 minutes. The journey begins at the Pontivy station with a stopover in Rennes. From Rennes, you can take the Eurolines bus that will bring you to Paris. The cost of one way bus ticket is US$50.

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You can also drive from Brittany to Paris; the travel time is five hours.

Airplane Ticket from Brittany To Paris

The AirLinAir provides daily flight service from Brittany to Paris. The travel time is one hour and 40 minutes for US$340. To get the latest schedules and airline fares, check:

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