Train Ticket From Belgaum To Ahmedabad


Belgaum is encompassed by numerous little towns which are essentially focused on the field of agriculture. Some of them have natural homesteads which are open for transient travelers and are decent places to stay and get a glimpse of how simple life is in India.

Train Ticket From Belgaum To Ahmedabad


The city of Ahmedabad is dotted with old temples where cameras, backpack, or handbags are not allowed. The temples are so serene, with quiet fountains, and interesting corners to relax while surrounded by statues of deities about Hinduism.

Here are the available modes of transport from Belgaum to Ahmedabad.

Belgaum To Ahmedabad By Train

There are at least five railway transport companies that travel from Belgaum to Ahmedabad twice weekly until the weekends. The travel duration via rail transport is 21 hours and 10 minutes. All the trains that are bound from Belgaum to Ahmedabad depart at 09:40 AM. The lowest train fare can be purchased at US$ 76. Tickets can be booked in advance online. To avail of fare discounts, check all the details from this site:

Train Ticket From Belgaum To Ahmedabad

Belgaum To Ahmedabad By Bus

The distance between Belgaum to Ahmedabad is 1043 kms via national highway. A sum of 4 bus transport companies give transport administration from Belgaum to Ahmedabad interfacing two essential urban areas of India and an aggregate of 8 daily bus schedules. The bus travel takes 17 hours and 30 minutes. The daily bus transport begins from as early as 02:25 AM up to 17:15 PM. The lowest Belgaum to Ahmedabad transport passage is US$ 25. To avail of discounts for early reservation, visit here:

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Land travel is a good option and if you can rent a private car to get from Belgaum to Ahmedabad, it is more practical and the travel time is shortened to 14 hours and 30 minutes.

Belgaum To Ahmedabad By Plane

Only one airline provides air transport from Belgaum to Ahmedabad (Multi Airline). The travel time is 8 hours (non-stop). The plane leaves regularly at 14:30 PM. The cheapest plane fare can be purchased at US$ 830.

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