Train Ticket From Athens To Patras


Athens and the Acropolis Museum is a modern, well-structured, and never boring attraction in Greece. It is highly recommended that you buy the book about the museum and the Acropolis that will guide you perfectly between the works of art.

Train Ticket From Athens To Patras


Patras’ and its Archaeological Museum is a very modern and well done museum divided into three main areas; public life, private and necropolis. It explains very well the history of Patras and a piece of Greece during the Mycenaean civilization to Roman rule.

Here are the available modes of transport from Athens to Patras.

Train Ticket From Athens To Patras

When travelling via railway transport from Athens to Patras, take the OSE railway transport. The travel time is three hours and 15 minutes and the train tickets can be purchased forUS$18. For more details, please visit this site:

Train Ticket From Athens To Patras

Bus Ticket From Athens To Patras


distance between Athens to Patras is 211 km. To reach the city of Patras from Athens, take the KTEL Bus Transport which travel every hour between two cities in Greece. The travel time is three hours and the one way bus fare can be purchased for US$17. To get the full details, check this site:

If you prefer to drive from Athens to Patras; the travel time is two hours and 43 minutes.

Airplane Ticket From Athens To Patras

There is no commercial or international flights that cover the Athens to Patras flight route.

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