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Hey Guys, This is true, if you are adventurous enough there is an option, yeah!!!!

There were newspaper articles last year about the possibility of train travel from London to India or even Dhaka in Bangladesh, prompted by Calcutta-Dhaka trains resuming after 40 years and the planned completion of the final missing gap in the rails between Bam & Zahedan in southeast Iran. The Bam-Zahedan section was finally completed in late 2008 (having been “under construction” for decades) and a passenger service reportedly started running in June 2009*, so the rails do indeed now stretch all the way from St Pancras to Karachi, Lahore, Delhi & Dhaka, with just a short hop by ferry necessary across the Bosphorus in Istanbul (a gap due to be filled by the Bosphorus tunnel now under construction).

However, you can’t just buy a London-Delhi train ticket and hop on a train to India. Far from it! Such a 2- or 3-week trip should not be undertaken lightly, as it will take a lot of D.I.Y. organization, including the bureaucracy involved in getting an Iranian visa, and there are security concerns with bandit attacks in southeast Iran near the Pakistan border. But for more adventurous travelers willing to brave this, it promises to be an epic trip

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  1. I never heard about it. but if its true then surely it will be a great journey. That bandit attacks part is the thing to worry, but who cares. It will be an adventures trip…So when it is coming in action?

  2. Well there is no alternation to london to india, and its not possible. but if its accurate in furture again absolutely it will be a abundant journey.

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