Tourist Locations For Wine Tasters

The five famous tourist locations for wine tasters are as follow:-

Dry Creek Valley, California


The Dry Creek valley of California is very popular as a wine tasting location. The place is very popular for being a very well known wine tasting factory. This place is completely idyllic as a natural beauty. This is a premium winegrowing place; and is a very renowned for producing world-class Zinfandel and Bordeaux and Rhone wines. There are more than 70 wineries present in the valley and has a mix of modern and luxurious moment where the sophisticated, charming, wineries offer world class wines and with added dining, shopping and lodging.

Columbia River Area, Oregon

The cobia River Area of Oregon has its own wine tasting tourism department which takes all the sheer responsibility to be coarsely beautiful. The winery runs from Canada to Washington D.C. The area has all together 50 wineries and 29,000 acres of vineyards. The Columbia River area has a very decent and general spread of vineyards. The vineyards are very beautiful and work wondrous for people who love to spend some external time in kite surfing and parasailing; these people spend their time in sipping through the wines and enjoying the flavors.

Cascade Valley, Washington


The third country on the list is none other than Washington; this has to do with the beautiful Cascade valley with the presence of all the positive factors for winery. The breathtaking Cascade Mountains as well as the beautiful Bavarian village are something to take away heart. The wineries are created and taken care of for the last 23 years. The valley specializes in red and white wines. The wineries are part and parcel of Lake Chelan which is glacier fed. The highways which take him to the Cascade Valley are Highway 2, Highway 20 as well as Highway 97.

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New York, Eastern US Region

New York

The New York City is the most ultra modern metro city. This city is rich in culture and hustle and bustle. The city has al total 20 wineries as well as sublime little spots with the presence of all the 50 plus wineries in the Long Island at the east end. The wines are very delicious and attract the aristocratic class of New York City. The New York wine and culinary center is filled with all the best known services for wine and other well known foods like cuisines and desserts. There is 16,000 acres of preserved land used for winery department. The best part is that the wineries support various types of wines extracted from the vinifera grapes which tastes like heaven.

Traverse City, Michigan

The Michigan is the last in the list to be able to make through the facts that Traverse City is a very popular one in terms of sandy beaches and Caribbean insignia and flag. The wines are intensely fresh and fruit-forward vines. It is well known that Michigan has got Bon Appétit in its sleeve; the city has loads of Brys estate, Vineyard and winery. Traverse City is preparing the winery as well as vineyards from the last seven years.

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