Tourist Locations For Hikers

The five well known tourist’s locations for hikers are as follow:-



The Quebec of Canada is very popular for its hiking. The presence of granite cliffs over viewing the beautiful Quebec City of Canada is preferably very beautiful. The cultural treasures as well as the natural resources are well revealed through the heights of these cliffs. The granite cliffs have a vast backdrop of the St Lawrence River. There is the presence of this UNESCO site as National Park. The French Canadian comfort is well felt through the hiking, falling behind the vast city and its amazing ambience. The perfect factor is that the hikers come along with their family and friends to this place.

Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre

The Cinque Terre of Italy is the third tourist location in the list for being a very popular place for hiking. The spectacular coastal path can be easily walked through the Mediterranean on one side and the mountains on the other side. These mountains are very popular for its hiking climatic appeal. The hiking gives the tourists the overview of all together five villages which make up to the name Cinque Terre. The presence of Lingurian cuisine with the typically Italian pesto is a very desirable factor after a whole day of hiking and enjoying the view and site.

Cloud Forests

Cloud Forests

The Cloud Forests of Costa Rica is a very popular tropical forests located at the highland. The hikers will always find it mesmerizing due to the presence of clouds among the green areas of the forests. The presence of 100% humidity adds to the hanging of clouds giving it a very vividly ne lookout. The cool and misty forests give the hikers the sense of water, freshness and captivating picturesque view of the green foliage. It is always suggested to bring a light jacket, sweaters, as well as hiking boots to make the hiking exploration very enthusiastic.

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Southwest Ireland


The last but not the least, Southwest Ireland is a very well known place for the hikers. The hikers enjoy the beautiful timeworn paths which the people invite into the world of splendor as well as captivating legends. The southwest Ireland has got much perfect stops and spots for hiking and spending the day. There are various holiday homes which provide the perfect emergency support and telephone back up. The hiking provides the facility of moving the luggage. These renowned holiday homes give details of the bed and breakfast along with the moving off the luggage to every holiday home the hikers move about.

Great Smoky Mountains

The Great Smoky Mountains of the United States is filled with the best known Cherokee Indians. The mountains are filled with historical ancestral origin as well as the natural diversity. The Great Smoky Mountains is well known for its hiking factor. The Appalachian chain is the complimentary factor for its majestic mountain which covers the southern most part. The Eastern United States span the magnificent 5, 00, 000 acres making the largest wilderness areas.

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