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UTAir Airlines operates some international and domestic passenger services, with Khanty-Mansiysk Airport in Russia as its main headquarters. It also have special scheduled helicopter services and a very broad charter flights including helicopter services of the oil and gas industry that is seen across the Western Siberia. This airline is famous for some of the United Nations’ relief services. Its frequent flyer is Status and it has four subsidiaries; UTAir-Express, UTAir-Cargo, Vostok and UTAir-Ukraine Airlines. Its slogan is ‘Cosy Sky’. The airline had named one of its Tu-154 aircraft after Boris Evdokimovich Sherbina, a Tyumen figure, in 2010.


UTAir Airlines Check-In

For the international flights, it is always advised that passengers arrive at the airport at least two hours before a scheduled departure time of a flight. For the domestic flights, the duration is one hour. Online booking should be done 24 hours before departure.

Baggage Allowance

Every passage is expected to travel with a free baggage allowance both in the international and domestic flights. The economy class is 20 kg, Comfort class, 30 kg, and Business class is 40 kg for its baggage. If you are a frequent flyer of UTAir airlines, you can make use of the ‘Status VIP’ privilege that allows you with 10 kg extra baggage. Extra baggage attracts charges according to the tariff that is set during the time of carriage. You can check this before you make your travel with the airline online or at the airport.

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Baggage Restriction

Dangerous substances and items are not allowed for carriage hand baggage or in checked-in:

a) Cold and Firearms weapon of all kinds

b) Explosive substances and items,

c) Condensed and compressed gases

d) Flammable liquids such as methanol, brake fluid, esters etc

e) Flammable solid substances:

f) Poisonous and intoxicating substances

g) Acid and corrosive substances

h) Radioactive materials

i) Asbestos and their essences

j) Toxic substances of any kind

UTAir services

In-Flight Services

Passengers travelling with UTAir airlines are treated to luxury and comfort in both the international and domestic. For the long haul distance fleets, assorted meals and drinks are provided to make the flight enjoyable. The in-flight entertainment include various television programs, movies and music with the support of trained cabin crew in every of the airline’s flights.

The UTAir Aviation in-flight magazine is the ‘Comfy Sky’ or Uyutnoe Nebo, a magazine that won the first prize for ‘Best Title for an In-flight Publication’ in the annual ‘To Go 2012’ on-board publications and airport magazine awards.

UTAir Flight Frequent Flyer: Status

Frequent flyer of the airline

can make use of the ‘Status VIP’, these include the special treatments in fleets, discounts and even extra baggage when travelling.

Flight Class

The Economy Class of UTAir airlines offers refreshment and baggage allowance of 20kg. The Business Class have seats that are larger than the Economy Class and allows baggage allowance of 40kg and the Comfort Class is available on TU 134s and 737-400s and has baggage allowance of 30Kg.

UTAir Flight Information

Airbus A321 ,Boeing 757-200 ,Boeing 767-200 ,Boeing 737-400 , Boeing 737-500 ,Boeing 737-800 ,Tu-134 ,ATR 72-500 ,Tu-154 ,ATR-42 ,CRJ-200 ,An-24 ,An-2 ,An-74/An-74 TK-100 and An-26В are some of the flights in UTAir airline.

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