Tourist Guide to Moucha Island

Tourist Guide to Moucha Island, Djibouti

With the tourist guide to Moucha Island, you can visit this beautiful island that lies 15 kilometers south of Djibouti’s mainland.

The island is perfectly tucked away in the middle of the Gulf of Tadjoura. You should read the tourist guide to Moucha Island before visiting this island.

Tourist Guide to Moucha Island

Maskali and Moucha are often referred to as the same island and there are islands that are yet to be fully conquered by tourists.

Tourists can see the island on a traditional wooden boat right from Djibouti’s harbor.  The presence of a colorful coral reef makes the island a haven for snorkelers.

Moucha Airport serves the island. The Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport is around 15 minutes to Moucha Island.

Key Attractions with a tourist guide to Moucha Island

Watching Marine Species

Tourists can see s a bevy of sharks like the Hammer Sharks and also the Manta Rays from the island.

This is one of the key attractions on the island and it attracts hundreds of tourists to the island during the summer holiday.


The multi-colored coral reef on the island is fascinating and makes it a great spot for those who would love to snorkel.

Cultural Identity

The main languages are Afar and Somali, French and Arabic. The people practice a culture that has been blended with the different nationalities that it has come across.

Natural and Cultural resources

The natural resources include gold, minerals (salt, perlite, gypsum, limestone), petroleum, clay, granite, marble and geothermal areas.

The people of Moucha follow the country’s system which has been greatly influenced by different civilizations and people from Somalia, Afar, French and Yemeni.

The tourist guide to Moucha Island helps you discover this lovely destination.

Tourist Guide to Moucha Island

Presence of UNESCO/World heritage sites

There is no UNESCO or World Heritage Site in Moucha Island. Tourists who want to see the country’s UNESCO site can visit Lake Assal ,which is a crater lake.

The lake is one of the saltiest lakes on earth and has the Afar Triangle.  Do not forget to use the tourist guide to Moucha Island.

Easy Tourist Guide to Moucha Island


The only relaxation spots in Moucha Island are the beaches. There are no spa relaxation spots on the island except in Djibouti City.


The island is undeveloped. The place has no paved ways, but human tracks, but can be trekked by foot. The tourist guide to Moucha Island is something you should read before visiting.

The distance from the Port of Djibouti is about 45-minute boat ride to Moucha Island.  The Port of Djibouti has a ferry connection with the island.

The roads from Djibouti City lead to places like Somalia and Ethiopia.  Many people use the tourist guide to Moucha Island to help them navigate their routes.

The buses in Djibouti are under the Djibouti City Bus Service Enterprise and there are 400 green-and-white taxis.

The  Central Bus Station controls the transportation system.  There is also the Port of Djibouti in the Horn region.

Local Cuisine

The must-try food in Moucha Island include the Yemeni, traditional Somali, and Afar delicacies.

The Yemeni dish mandi and Fah-fah (spicy boiled beef soup) are some of the popular foods on the island.

There is no car on Moucha Island. However, tourists who are coming from the capital, Djibouti City, should be between 16 and 21 years.

Tourist Guide to Moucha Island

The following are the requirement for driving in Djibouti City.

  • The driving is on the right-hand side.
  • A full license is required.
  • The International driver’s license has to be accompanied by the original domestic driving license of the driver,  otherwise, it may not be accepted.


Infrastructure and connectivity

There is no development in Moucha Island. The island is fully underdeveloped leaving little for civilization. The island is solely for tourism.

However, Djibouti City has numerous architectural buildings alongside souks and bazaars along some narrow streets.

The telecommunication system is reliable, even those at remote areas still have reception.  The house phones are affordable and can be seen close to shopping areas and the market.

There is the availability of satellite internet service in the country.  With the tourist guide to Moucha Island, you can have a fun time at the island.




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