Tourist Guide to La Digue, Seychelles

Tourist Guide to La Digue

The tourist guide to La Digue will help you make the best of your vacation bucket list to this beautiful island in Seychelles.

Visitors coming to La Digue need to use a tourist guide to La Digue to give them an idea of what they would experience on this island.

Tourist Guide to La Digue

La Digue brings you home to meet Mother Nature. It is Seychelles smallest inhabited island with about 2,000 people living in it.

Make use of a tourist guide to La Digue to give you a clear direction of what to do on this island.

La Digue is at the east of Praslin and also at the west of Felicite.  Most of the people reside in the coastal villages of La Réunion and La Passe.

This island is a laid-back place that has some of the iconic beaches in the country.  There are only a few roads and no airport on the island.

This means that bicycles can carry out most trips around the island.  However, you should read the tourist guide to La Digue to help you understand the movement on the island.

The only way to enter La Digue is through the flight to Victoria and then, the travel continues by ferry, which is taken through Praslin.

The distance is around 1 hour 20 minutes to the Seychelles International Airport. The habited area is only10 km2, which has made it easier to move around on foot or bike.

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La Digue was named after one of the ships with a French explorer, Marc-Joseph Marion du Fresne that arrived in Seychelles in 1768.

Tourist Guide to La Digue

History has it that it was French navigator Lazare Picault who first saw the first people settled this island in 1742 and it in 1789.

Father Theophile built the first Catholic Church in 1854.  The decline of coral reefs in La Digue was blamed on the French colonist who had manufactured coral lime.

The French colonist started the planting of vanilla on plantations and the making of copra out of coconuts.

What to know with a tourist guide to La Digue

Key Attractions

The giant tortoise of Aldabra

Tourists may not be able to visit Aldabra from La Digue, but they can see the giant tortoises that are always coming from Aldabra to the island.

Aldabra is extremely isolated and uninhabited by man Aldabra is located in the outer part of the country and comprises four islands.

If you can visit Aldabra, you would understand why Sir David Attenborough referred to Aldabra is one of the wonders of the world.

It stands on an elevation of 7.9 meters and has the second-largest atoll that the world can boast of.  In 1982, it was designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Why you  need a tourist guide to La Digue

Without a tourist guide to La Digue, it might be difficult for you to have a seamless movement around the island.

You can find a tourist guide to La Digue online. Many people have written about this island.

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Veuve Nature Reserve

Seychelles is detached from Africa and houses some rare species that you may never see elsewhere in the world.

The endangered paradise flycatcher is one of the key attractions in La Digue. It is only in this nature reserve that these flycatchers can be seen.

Sadly, there is only about 100 flycatcher in existence. There are so many activities that happen around this reserve.

Use a tourist guide to La Digue and find where the best places to see this creature.

Belle Vue (Eagle’s Nest Mountain)

Belle Vue is La Digue’s tallest peak with a peak of 980 ft above sea level. Tourists have the opportunity of seeing eagles on the mountain.

Hiking and mountain climbing are some of the popular things that you can be involved in within Eagle’s Nest Mountain.

Tourist Guide to La Digue

L’Anse Source D’Argent

L’Anse Source D’Argent is one of the world’s most popular beaches.

The reason for this is that the beach has an extraordinary weathering of its huge pink granite rocks that stud the coastline, accompanied by palms and sandy beaches.

La Passe

La Passe is a popular destination in Seychelles especially for those who are coming for the first time to La Digue from other islands.

Anse Cocos

Anse Cocos is close by and it is a beautiful place you can visit while you are in La Digue. You can use a tourist guide to La Digue for this trip.




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