Tourist Guide to Goda Mountains

Tourist Guide to Goda Mountains for Hiking

The tourist guide to Goda Mountains can help you explore this beautiful destination with ease. Visitors coming to Goda Mountains often seek for a guide to help them tour the mountains.

With the tourist guide to Goda Mountains, you can observe that the Goda Mountains is located in the northwest of the Gulf of Tadjoura, in the Tadjoura Region, Djibouti.

Tourist Guide to Goda Mountains

It has a height of 5,740 ft, above sea level. The mountains are Djibouti’s largest and highly populated green area. The Day Forest National Park has some of the mountains’ region protected within it.

 Goda Mountains and Mabla Mountains are the last of the Djibouti francolin. It is the home of the East African juniper.

Wildlife species such as the antelopes, leopards, and desert warthogs are some of the animals that are seen here.

Tourist guide to Goda Mountains/surrounding

Mountain Climbing

The Green Goda Mountains are popular for mountains. Mountain climbing is one of the key attractions in this region.

 Many tourists who love climbing mountains try to conquer the region during the summer. They find climbing and hiking easier with the tourist guide to Goda Mountains

Day Forest National Park

Forêt du Day National Park or the Day National Park is a closed forest that protects four dominant species; Olea africana, Buxus hildebrantii ,Tarchonanthus camphorates, and Juniperus procera.

 Some of the wildlife species found here include the green-winged pytilia, Djibouti francolin (Pternistis ochropectus), Tôha sunbird, Gambaga flycatcher, Somali bulbul, and Somali starling.

You can find the rare colubridsnake Platyceps afarensis with the support of a tourist guide to the Goda Mountains.

Gulf of Tadjoura

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The Gulf of Tadjoura is famous for snorkeling with the country’s whale sharks, underwater photography, and diving. 

Tourist Guide to Goda Mountains

Natural and Cultural resources

Gypsum, salt, limestone and perlite, gold, clay, petroleum, marble, geothermal, and clay are some of the natural resources of the country.

 The culture of the people of Tadjoura is similar to those in the other cities in Djibouti.

The culture of Djibouti has been influenced by the numerous people who have managed the country and the culture of these people especially those from Yemeni, Somalia, French, and Afar.

Presence of UNESCO/World heritage sites

With the tourist guide to Goda Mountains, you will know that Goda Mountains is not a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The only UNESCO site is Lake Assal which is a crater lake.

 The lake is one of the saltiest lakes on earth. Most tourists come to see the Afar Triangle that is Africa’s lowest point and it is the largest salt reserve on earth.

Things to know about tourist guide to Goda Mountains

Tourist Guide to Goda Mountains


Djibouti city is where tourists can make use of hotels like Sheraton Djibouti Hotel, Lagon Bleu Village, Djibouti Palace Kempinski, Hotel Menelik, Les Acacias Hotel Djibouti and Hotel la Siesta.

Local sports

The men love football and it is the most popular sport in the city. There is no stadium in Tadjoura, however, football fans can travel to Djibouti City to watch the local games at the Stade du Ville.

Tadjoura Airport (TDJ)

The Tadjoura Airport (TDJ) is an airstrip in Tadjoura that supplements the services of the Djibouti–Ambouli International Airport at the capital, Djibouti City.

Train Station

 There is no train station in Tadjoura. However, those taking the train system would have to travel to the capital where there is the Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway that started operations in 2015.

Must-try food and local savories

The Yemeni dish mandi and Fah-fah 

or the spicy boiled beef soup.


There are little stalls and stores in Tadjoura. Djibouti City has the Ryad Market, where they can buy food items, vegetables, fruit, gifts, clothes, and lots more.

There are other places to shop for different items like the Association des Femmes de Tadjoura, where handicrafts are made and sold. Grande Pecherie is a flea and street market.

 L’ELIXIR parfumerie specializes on perfumes. Le Marché Superprix and Centre Commercial Saad are also places where you buy things.

Clothes to be carried based on seasons/month

Djibouti is a Muslim city and thus, you are required to cover up especially the women. The weather requires light clothes like T-shirts and other similar clothing to fight off precipitation.

 The sun can be very hot and sunshade and hat can go a long way in taking care of sunburn and profuse sweating. Umbrella can be handy in different weather conditions.


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