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Where is Victoria, Seychelles?

Victoria, the capital of Seychelles is set against the scenery of hills and a turquoise sea. Victoria is also called Port Victoria and is located on the north-eastern side of Mahe, the largest island in the country.

The British established this capital city during the colonial era. 


According to the 2010 census, the population of those residing in Greater Victoria was 26,450 in a country with 90,945.

 There are attraction sites in Victoria that keep tourists glued to this small and charming capital.

 A polytechnic, Seychelles International Airport, the International School Seychelles, and the national stadium are here.

One of its largest bridges was destroyed in 2004 by tsunami waves during the Indian Ocean earthquake. The airport is 15 minutes away from the capital.

 Key Attractions in Victoria

Victoria has numerous key attraction sites that you can visit when you are in Seychelles.

 There are excellent adventure opportunities and vacation spots in Victoria, from snorkeling with sharks, exploring the jungle, and relaxing on its beaches. Some of the key spots in Victoria include;


The Sir Selwyn Clarke Market

This market was built in 1840 at the center of the city. In 1999, it was renovated to make it meet the demands of the surging tourists.

 This is the perfect spot to buy fish, fresh fruits, vegetables, and many more. 

The Seychelles Rupees is what is used in buying things here.

The market has been functional in such a way that almost everything that you need to make your stay in Victoria memorable is bought here at an available rate.

The Sir Selwyn Clarke Market is colorful with stalls of different food items.

Food items are affordable here. Fishmongers are seen in their section selling different seafood that may be quite expensive in other places on the island.

St.Anne Marine National Park

The distance to this marine park is 5km from the city. It is set as a perfect spot for snorkeling with its turquoise waters.

The park has six islands attached to it; Ste Anne, Ile Ronde, Ile Longue, 

Ile Moyenne, Ile aux Cerfs and Ile Cachee .

An excursion here includes activities like the bottom boat excursion. Visitors are shown the many wonders of the park that was in 1973.


St.Anne Marine National Park is the finest park in Seychelles. Snorkellers would love to explore the corals that come in various colors, shapes, and sizes.  

You are going to see some of the largest seagrass meadows and the green turtles around them.

There are opportunities for swimming with the hawksbill turtles, watching the bottlenose dolphins, and exploring the granite island.


Seychelles National Botanical Garden in Victoria

The Seychelles National Botanical Garden is a great place to have a picnic. It is located in Mont Fleuri. Tourists can see varieties of flora and fauna in this garden.

 It was established over 10 years ago and yet its charm has not waned. The exotic garden is where tourists come for relaxation and sight-seeing.

You can see the coco de mer tree with its large seeds, the Seychelles tortoises are everywhere and the species of palm trees including the fruit trees that attract the fruit bats.

Clock Tower

The Victoria Clock Tower is similar to London’s Big Ben. This is one of the landmarks that you would not miss in Seychelles.

 It is located close to the Post Office and no holiday in Seychelles is ever complete without coming to see it.

It was designed in 1903 as a memorial for the remembrance of Queen Victoria who died in 1901. It was the brainchild of Seychelles’ governor, Sir Ernest Sweet-Escott.

Today, it has become one of the heritages for the National Monuments of Seychelles.

Natural History Museum

 The Seychelles Natural History Museum is established to take care of the history and nature of the people.

 There are various sections in this museum especially the upstairs section that offers tourists the opportunity of seeing some marine life.

The museum has become a popular spot for those who want to understand the natural life in Seychelles. Tourists may spend the whole day looking at the various exhibitions in the sections of the museum.


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