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We would be taking a tour to one of the most colorful places on planet earth; Venetian island town is the place that we are talking about. This place is an island that has become the favorite of millions of tourists around the world. This place has its own special beauty that may not be found in another part of the world. The believed houses are said to be painted to help the fishermen see the houses when there is a thick fog in the area.

Venetian island town

The tradition of the people in Burano is mainly fishing and it has become the people’s biggest occupation. This is the reason why you see so many fishing boats that are sailing in and leaving the harbor during fishing expeditions. Myth has it that the people had to paint the group houses with different colors to avoid any crash of a fishing boat into people’s homes. When you come here, you will notice that no two houses will have the same color close to each.

Today, this tradition of painting these houses has not died but has become better and has suddenly transformed the place to be a multi-colored island. The beauty of this place cannot be neglected in Italy. This is the reason why people come here to have a witness of what made these houses so beautiful.

Venetian island town

There is this burst of energy that is so positive when you step your feet on this island. You cannot beat the excitement. You will feel the beauty and feel at home. This is what will help get the best of this place because you are not in a rush to run off when you come. The natural brickwork that is colorful of the local church has blended pretty with the different colorful rows of the houses. If you have not visited here, it may look like a photoshopped work but that is what makes the whole difference. You would appreciate the great things that the eyes will present you.

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The hunger to look at it and explore the beautiful houses cannot be quench until your through moving around the streets in Burano. When colorful towns are talked about, you cannot miss this place in Italy. This is one place that you cannot just wake up one morning and start painting your house.

Venetian island town

You are required to take permission before painting. Where is Burano situated? This is outside Venice and has become very famous for its colorful houses and uniqueness. The people are so proud of their town that the beauty is always maintained.

The culture of the people is awed and their food cannot be neglected. Everything about Burano is colorful including their lifestyle. You can come over here during a vacation or weekend getaway and have a great experience. It is not crowded and does not have this notorious pollution that descends on every popular place on earth because it is one of the best treasured places of the Italians.

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