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Hello! Some time ago I visited Rhodes, Greece. And I would like to present you my top 5 places to visit there:

1. Lindos Village ? You should visit this location when you are touring Rhodes. Lindos is also home to bustling thoroughfares lined with shops and cafes, the 15th-century Church of Agios Ioannis and a rather famous Acropolis. From the top you will have excellent coastal views and at a height of more than 100 meters.

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2. Lardos Village ? Other destination that you should see is Lardos Village, which is just two kilometers from the Rhodes city center. This resort is located not far from Pefki, Glystra Beach and the Monastery of our Lady (Moni Agias Ypsenis).

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3. Mount Attaviros ? If you like mountains, you can view Mount Attviros and also climb on it if you like trekking up mountains. You can climb 1,215 meters to reach the top of Mount Attaviros, which should last anywhere between two and three hours. FInd the museum, which houses an array of Minoan relics from an ancient temple that once stood here.

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4. Acropolis ? South west of the Old Town in Rhodes is Acropolis of Rhodes which is one of the popular landmarks of the city.

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Kamiros City ? Probably the oldest archaeological landmark in Rhodes is the ruins of Kamiros City. The civilization artifacts found here were 2500 years old.

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