Top Vacations Places To Visit With Family

If you have ready to travel with your family for vacation, we have listed some of the coolest destinations where you can have an amazing moment with your family. These destinations have become where a lot of people take their families to when they want to change their environment. The good thing about these places is that they are affordable and offer you some of the best tourist packages that would suit you and your family members. Here we go,

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago; we mean a chain of islands that is still under the sovereignty of the Kingdom of Denmark. It is the landscapes that are famous: the foggy weather, Nordic climate and even the volcanic rocks that have steep peaks has created this mysterious atmosphere. When you want to find the Scandinavian elves and trolls, it is here that you would find them.

St Kitts & Nevis

st kitts-and-nevis

The two island nation brings you closer to Mother Nature with its beauteous mountains and beaches. The local culture is exotic and got this pulsing soca beat that will keep you busy all through your stay. Exploring these islands can be worth your visit.



It is said that Zanzibar got the best coral beaches in Africa. Little wonder, foreigners love this destination. There is the Stone Town and its archipelago’s main island for you to move around. Did we tell you that this is a home to the red colobus monkey and tiny aders’ duiker? There are dolphins to play with and grand House of Wonders to see.

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Over the years, Accra has boomed in its tourist activities, leaving the visitors with an excellent night life, good shopping experience and some of the finest selection of eating options. This is one of the cheapest destinations for an average Nigeria and it offers you a great holiday destination.



Dubai has become the second Paris for Nigerians. You mustn’t be rich to explore the alchemy of profound traditions of the city and its grand futuristic revelation. Let us go shopping without a lot of money here and connect with its myriad holiday experiences and dance on the beaches.

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi may not be as sophisticated or cosmopolitan as Dubai, but it got everything that you want a holiday destination to give you. Less traffic jams and fewer crowds to make your stay smooth and less strenuous.

Nairobi, Kenya


The cosmopolitan charm of Nairobi is really what brings people here. When you think of Kenya, wildlife and national parks come to your mind; Nairobi will not disappoint you with its parks, National Museum, elephant orphanage and lots more. The kids will love here and lovers will forever adore this city.

Kigali, Rwanda


Nothing calms the mind like the lush hillsides, the winding boulevards, flowering trees and the cleanest and safety of Kigali. This is one of Africa’s most beautiful capital cities. It is affordable and lovely to spend your holiday here.

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