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Are you wondering where you would have that wedding that would always be remember after many years? The location of a wedding matter a lot which is the reason people take out time to plan their wedding.

In Europe there are top wedding spots where you can have that dream wedding and you would be full of excitement when you see the settings of these destinations.

Mallorca, Spain


This is an island that has become famous because it has everything a couple would wish for in their wedding event. There are great beaches, quaint villages, mountains, sunshine, olive trees and lovely landscapes for couples to make use.

Zell am See, Austria

Zell am See

It all begins in a traditional setting in Zell am See before transforming into an exotic paradise. The presence of the mountains, the glacier that would always remain frozen in the summer for skiing and the environment that is surrounded with enchanting events make Austria one wedding destination you would ever love.

Prague, Czech Republic


You are going stand in front of fairy tale castles, mingle with the locals, stand out in your pictures and have a romantic wedding ceremony in Prague. This is where a lot of elopements happen because it is only those who dream big that come to Prague.

Santorini, Greece


The gods are in your favor when you are planning your wedding in Santorini. The wedding settings are simply out of this world. Imagine how a Greek wedding looks when there is a touch of fashion and creativity.

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Dubrovnik, Croatia


A unique and quiet old town that gives couples that setting that would blow them off their feet is what Dubrovnik, Croatia brings. There is good weather, sunshine and excellent outdoor receptions. The seaside romantic wedding is a must have experience for lover.



There are a lot of things you can do here after a wedding. Bless your imagination if it is during winter that you are in the Alps for your wedding; this magical and romantic wonderland setting pulls a stunt when a wedding is held here.



The Blausee and the Ascona are some of the places that couples run to for their weddings. There are lakes, beautiful countryside and mountains that make Switzerland a place to have a great wedding event.



Think about the Sicily stories, the romance associated with Italy, the food and the beaches. Italy has always been the perfect spot for wedding in Europe. Even Tuscany is not spared when it comes to choosing spots in Italy.

Vienna, Austria


There are lots of exquisite destinations in Vienna for weddings. It is one place in Europe that offers imperial and opulence to those who want to have their weddings. There are horses and carriages to use if you want a royal wedding in Vienna.



A lot of people come down to France for a luxury and exotic wedding. Nothing is the same when you have a wedding planned in France. There are lots of destinations in France where you can have your wedding aside the city of love, Paris.

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