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You must have visited some beautiful tourists’ attraction sites around the world. Have you thought about visiting some amazing destinations that seem to be a fairly world but still exist? These destinations are what we would be highlighting for you to see.

We have picked these top ten most amazing destinations from different countries in the world and they are simply top spots for tourists.

Cinque Terre

, Italy

Cinque Terre

This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that is called ‘The Five Lands’. It consists of five villages with surrounding hillsides that is a steep landscape. It is cut off civilization and has become a popular amazing tourist site to visit.

Neuschwanstein Castle

, Germany

New Swanstone Castle is the meaning of Neuschwanstein Castle in English. A 19 century palace built on a hill in Germany. It was Ludwig II of Bavaria who commissioned it as a retreat intended to serve as a personal refuge. In 1886, it was opened to the public after the death of the reclusive king. It attracts over six thousand visitors. It has been used in many movies.

Big Island, Hawaii,


Big Island is the largest island in America associated with blue waters, water activities and attracts thousands of visitors to its fishing competition. It is a haven that gives a visitor a feel of what a volcanic site looks like.


, Panjin, China

Red Beach

Everywhere looks red. Do not worry because your eyesight is good; it is the Red Beach that is located in Panjin, China that you just witnessed. Do not bother looking for red sands here because it is only these seaweeds called Sueda that have transformed this place to look red during April to May. This is also the home of the cranes.

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Waitomo Glowworm Caves

, New Zealand

A boat ride that is taken under glowworms can one of the most enchanting experience one can have. The Waitomo Glowworms are big like the mosquitoes and their glowing makes this place one of the most amazing place to be on earth.

Giant’s Causeway

, North Ireland

giant's causeway

This amazing tourist site was as a result of a volcanic eruption which is 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and also a National Natural Reserve. It has been referred to as the United Kingdom’ 4th greatest natural wonder

Chittorgarh Fort

, India

Chittorgarh Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that majestically sprawls over a 180 meter hill. It brings back to life historical gates, palaces, towers and temples. This monumental ruin is one of the grandest and largest forts in the country.

Horsetail Fall

, Yosemite

Horsetall fall

In California is where Horsetail Fall is located, a National Park that has a seasonal waterfall. This location is so romantic that even the sun setting illuminates this waterfall to glow red and orange. This is called ‘Firefall’, a natural phenomenon.


, Japan

Aogashima is within the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. It is a volcanic island that is situated in the Philippine Sea. It is naturally designed with mind blowing landscape, exotic fauna and animals.

Fingal’s Cave,


Fingal's cave

On an uninhabited island lies the Fingal’s Cave in Staffa. It is a part of Scotland’s National Nature Reserve and has become a haven for tourists.

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