Top Magnificent Indian Travel Destinations

India is a very assorted country with a mixed economy and a very enriching socio-cultural outlook. There are lots to travel, absorb and describe on this amazing country. India has given way of the most aspiring and wondrous travel destinations. The five wonders of India are as follow:-

Jammu & Kashmir: Heart of Himalayas

Jammu & Kashmir

The heart of Himalayas is covered by the beautiful and chilly Jammu & Kashmir. The heavenly beauty is mostly absorbed in Leh & Ladakh. The killer exquisiteness of the Jammu is very wannabe and the deadly Himalayas add the crystal splendor to the valleys.



The ruling town in South is KanyaKumari. This is a distinctive travel destination; for its beautiful sunrise and sunset. This place is famous for the fusion of the three vast oceans. This place is the extreme end of India.

Agra and its magnificent Taj Mahal


Agra covering the heart of North is a very famous travel destination. Its main source of attraction is Taj Mahal. The love of Shah Jahan for Mumtaz Mahal is reflected through this astonishing edifice. This is the Seven Wonder of the World; and is considered a heritage site.

Jaipur: the Pink City


Jaipur, being known as the Pink City comes on second position among the top five magnificent travel destinations. This capital state of Rajasthan is known for its famous travel destination; this city is also known for providing educational tour to loads of tourists. The ravishing forts and palaces are definitely top tourist attraction.

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Goa: the beach


Beaches have always engrossed tourists from the universe. Goa is third travel target in the world of travel destination in India. The peaceful beaches and tranquil culture in coastal areas attracts loads of tourists from the globe. Goa attracts the most number of tourists during summer season.

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