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Asia has a huge cultural heritage with a lot of touristic attractions that see millions from around the world travel to different destinations within the continent. There are spiritual sites like monasteries and mosques to visit as well as lakes and waterfalls all within this culturally diverse continent. Today, business is another reason why people travel to the different cities in Asia. A lot of businesses and people around the world today buy from Asia and people will also travel to create business networks and others will go there to buy for their businesses or do their personal shopping.



Every year, millions of visitors travel to Japans capital to enjoy the metropolitan and high tech life that this city has to offer. There are many site attractions in Japan from numerous shopping areas to busy nightlife. Those who love technology will definitely not find it difficult locating the latest technology in IT as this city seems to be the hub of technology in the country. A visit to Akihabara the computer town will leave you stunned at the different things that can be achieved with technology. Going around the town can be very easy if you purchase the suica card for use in the subways.



This is another Japanese city that makes the list o favourite tourist destinations. This bustling city of about 2.5 million people has a lot of attractions to keep visitors busy. If you are looking to shop, you cannot lack for what to buy in this city with many shopping malls and traditional markets. If you want to visit ancient temples, then you are in the right place as Osaka has a number of these. Also in this town is found the tallest building in Japan with its viewing desk. You may get a chance at watching the whole towns from hundreds of feet above.

Hong Kong

Hong Kong

This is the New York of Asia with most of the financial powerhouses centered here. What this means is that there is a lot of money circulating around for the smart to grab. Hong Kong is really high end and visitors to the city will be treated to some of the best restaurants and shopping malls they can ever hope to find. Main attractions include The Peak in the island that gives visitors a most spectacular and clear view of Hong Kong city


Bangkok, Thailand

The capital of Thailand is a popular destination with millions of visitors travelling there annually. Its numerous temples, museums and cultural displays are some of its major attractions. It is also a good destination for shopping addicts as there are numerous big and small malls around the city. One of the largest malls, Siam Paragon, in Asia is located in this city.



This city is not only the capital of Korea but also the center of its cultural and education institutions. Its major attractions include the Olympic stadium, the different museums and religious centers as well as parks. In Seoul shopping is a favourite past time of the locals and visitors will definitely follow suit when they visitor all the beautiful shopping malls

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