Top Five Most Powerful Countries

For centuries, countries have gone to war only because they were trying to prove who was more powerful than the other. While it may be good to look at how powerful a country is in terms of military might, it is even better to consider the strength of a country in terms of its economy. Reason being that, the stronger economy can permit a country purchase and maintain all the military resources they require if they so desire. That said, we now take a look at the 5 most powerful countries in the world.

United States

United States

The United States has managed to maintain its supremacy over other countries long after the World War II. The country has managed to stay on the top thanks to its population, its natural resources as well as its love for entrepreneurship. The country encourages its citizen to take on business opportunities. On the other hand, one way or the other the US has grown to become a super power partly due to the numerous wars it has gotten itself into. It has decided to play the role of big brother of the world stepping in to help small countries in distress. While this has been seen by many as a commendable act, there those who think the US is a bully country.



The growth of China has escalated in the last decade and they seem to be in no hurry to slow down. China has carved a niche for itself becoming the destination for most people when they need things manufactured. This country has also improved on its international relations with other countries allowing its produce access to new markets. China has particular found a friend in Africa where it has entered into numerous partnership deals.

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The Japanese economy will fall among the most powerful in the world irrespective of the standards used. The country has managed to create a favourable investment atmosphere and year after year has managed to have trade surplus qualifying it as a creditor nation. The manufacturing and electronic industries are quite huge in Japan and the country has always been at the forefront of promoting innovative patent development.



Some two decades ago, the economy of Germany was at a standstill but today, when the EU and EuroZone is barely managing to stay together, Germany’s economy has become their main backbone. As one of the major exporters of the world, its revenues from exports contribute at least a third of the economic output. The country is big in services and revenues from service industries make up about 70% of the GDP.



The economy of France is the second largest in Europe and has managed to stay relevant even through the recession. While France was affected by the recession later than many countries, it was able to come out of it faster than the others. Its main industries, energy, agriculture, weapons and tourism have helped the country to come out of the recession and stay out. Economic growth in the country in recent years has been fluctuating but the country has managed to notice slight increases.

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