Top Five Most Beautiful Lakes

Nature is a craftsman that works wonders without help from any human. From amazingly tall mountains to the deepest canyons, one can only stand in awe of nature’s handwork. When it comes to bodies of water, the seas and oceans are there for all to see but when it comes to the secluded bodies of water like lakes, they are many but most often not in readily accessible areas. However when accessed, their beauty simply leaves one speechless. In this article, we take a tour of the top five most beautiful lakes in the world.

Plitvice lakes, Croatia

Plitvice Lake ,Croatia

These are a combination of sixteen lakes located within one of the largest national parks in Croatia. These lakes are created by small rivers and they form a cascade aided by manmade dams that separate them. The Plitvice lakes are a huge tourist attraction especially well known for its beautiful colours that range from shades of blue to shades of green. While the colours of the lake are enhanced by artificial lighting, it also depends on the living organisms that reside in the lakes.

The Tekapo Lake, New Zealand

The Tekapo Lake, New Zealand

Right in the heart of the Central South Island in this country, precisely the Mackenzie county, is located the Tekapo lake. This lake that is one of the largest is located at approximately 800m above sea level and occupies an area of at least 83 kilometers square. The lake is surrounded by Rocky Mountains covered with beautiful flowers that help give this lake its characteristic aquamarine colour. Each year, thousands of tourists flock to this area to visit the lake and get a chance to admire the clear night sky. The numerous hotels and resorts around the lake means tourists cannot lack for where to spend the night.

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Melissani Lake, Greece

The Melissani Lake, Greece

Greece is a popular tourist destination known for its sandy beaches. Apart from beaches, the Melissani Lake is one other great attraction for tourists to Greece. This cave lake was only discovered in the early 50s after the dome that covered the cave that houses the lake collapsed exposing the hidden treasure. The lake is surrounded by forest and the reflection of the clear sky gives it a beautiful sky blue colour. The beautiful lake colour is most seen when the sun is overhead so visitors will enjoy the view mostly during July.

The Yucatan Lake

The Yucatan Lake

The Yucatan Lake is located in the peninsula of the same name which is a popular tourist destination with its beautiful attractions one of which is this lake. The lake that has existed for many years is found in a limestone cave. Its spectacular beauty and many myths have made it one of the most visited tourists attraction in the country.

The Pink Lake, Australia

The Pink Lake, Australia

Just as the name denotes, this lake is pink or more appropriately can be pink sometimes given the right conditions. The pink colour is as a result of the green alga that leaves in the lake. The algae tends to accumulate some reddish pigment once the salinity of the water surpasses that of sea water and there is enough sunlight to provide high temperatures. Apart from its beautiful colour, tourists also get attracted to this area because of its huge variety of bird life.

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