Top Five Locations For Shortcut Vacations

Thinking of where to go on holiday? There are places where you can dine and have some of the most beautiful moments of your life. We are talking about sandy, sunny and amazing locations where you do not need to have a second thought about excess fun. Of course, you are going to have fun to its fullest. Some people would want to cut corners when it is time for vacation.

You must be wondering what a shortcut vacation means, it means not travelling to a popular vacation destination that may cost you so much, a destination that is not so popular but cheap and amazing destinations.

We have listed five of these locations for you to see. These destinations are slowly becoming where families and even partners visit to have a very lovely time during vacations especially during the summer. If you are living in London, these locations are close by.



One affordable destination where you can have a time of your life during vacation is Tenerife, this destination is the pioneer of the vacation package of the “pile them high, sell them cheap”. However, this place attracts salubrious customers around the world. That old image of the city still looms but blends perfectly with the modern world. There are posh resorts, spiritual retreats and burgeoning restaurant scene that has made Tenerife a great place to visit. You would play with its sandy beaches and bask in its warm weather.

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The smiling coast, Gambia


This is country that has been dubbed the “smiling coast of West Africa”. There are football games here and this is indeed the shortcut to an amazing vacation. Visitors are imbibed with the sunshine while they relax on the beaches, some even marvel at the type of birds that they see here. You can hike and treck through the rainforest or even cruise up when you are at the Gambia River.

Red Sea retreat, Egypt

red sea retreat

The world class scuba diving, Hurghada’s golden beaches and the scorching weather welcome you to Egypt. There are a lot of things you can do at the Red Sea retreat. The trekking through the desert, pander in some of the world’s five star resorts and great games to be involved with.

Cape crusader, Cape Verde

cape verde

Cape Verde is where tourists have found solace in some unimaginable tourism experience. There are a lot of things that you can do when you are here. This African archipelago attracts a lot of visitors who are willing to move their vacation to the next level. There are numerous sandy beaches, frozen lava fields and lush mountain ranges that complement this destination.

Arabian allure, Oman

arabian allure, oman

Oman is the jewel of Arabia, a destination that is not short of beaches and best dive sites that you can you find in the Middle East. There are a lot of gateways that you would love to explore and this is where the fun begins and the end is never near here when it comes to exciting vacation.You can camp with Bedouins, visit ancient palaces or even the grandiose mosques.

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