Top Five Cheap Cities In Europe

Cheap cities don’t mean the development has to detoriate. Europe is a very advanced continent with all the well known cities and countries. But, there are certain cites which has the overall cheap factors in return. The best goes with the fact is the cost of living in these European cities are quite low.

Kiev, Ukraine


The cost of living in Kiev is US $24.32 per day. The transportation cost in this city is 4.00 and the meals are 192.00; the cost is quite low in terms of a tourist destination. According to the record, this is the cheapest city in the Europe. The entertainment cost is 96.00; this is quite in the whole of Europe. The best part is that Ukraine has earned conflict for keeping Kiev under the arms of remoteness. Now, Kiev is quite modern in terms of its infrastructure and silhouette.

Bucharest, Romania


The Bucharest is the second cheapest city in the whole of Europe. Romania is a very traditional city and has earned name and fame for its tourist attraction around the world. This is the oldest town in the lot and has received the maximum reviews that too for its decent landscape and rewarded factors. The currency of this city is Romanian leu. The city is very cheap and work wonders for the tourists who want to explore beauty. The cheapest hostel out here is the funky chicken hostel worth 15.64 per night.

Sofia, Bulgaria


The Sofia is a very well known cheap city in the whole of Bulgaria. The cost of living index is 27.27 per day. The breakfast including cheapest hostel is of 13.70 naming Hostel Mostel. This city has earned the maximum number of foreign tourists over the years. The currency is Bulgaria Leva and the meals are 16.80 per day. The transportation is 2.00 per day and the attractions are 4.00 per day. The extensive tour of the day is completely based on the price and guidance by the guides available in this city. This is one tourist destination which is well crowded round the year.

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Krakow, Poland


The Poland is fourth on the row, for being able to gift the cheap city Krakow, to the world. The Krakow has a currency of Polish Zlotych. The cheap but good hostel is none other than Benedict Hostel which costs 30.00 per night. The drinks and entertainment cost is none other than 18.00 per head. The best part is the popularity of this city in international market. The Krakow is best known for its tourist destination it offers to the people of the world. This is a very well known place for the European crowds who visit this place on weekends.

Warsaw, Poland


The currency of Warsaw place of Poland is well known for its Polish Zlotych. The drinks and entertainment cost of this place is very cheap. This has made Warsaw to earn the fifth place in the list of cheapest cities in Europe. Every week this city is filled with loads of European tourists for relaxed tour.

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