Top Five Beautiful French Islands

Islands and beaches have always taken away the mind blowing factors for travel destinations. The France has made its mark in this category. It is rightly said that god’s best art and architecture are showcased through the most beautifully painted and sculptured beaches in France. These islands are beautiful and completely out of the mark.

These beaches are overshadowed by mountains and water bodies along with lagoons which bring up its beauty to the best. Some of the well known and beautiful French islands are as follow:-

Moorea Island:

Moorea Island

Moorea is the most beautiful island in the world; its saw toothed ridges along with the covering Mount Rotui is definitely worthwhile. The island has got the crystal clear aquamarine water; a very renowned travel destination, Moorea attracts loads of tourists from worldwide. Its gigantic skyline is crazily beautiful, especially when seen from Tahiti. The beautiful scoring scenery and silhouette of Moorea is definitely internationally famous. Loads of foreign tourists from all over the world visit this island every year.

Huahine Island:

Huahine Island

Huahine is the second most beautiful island in the world. This island has scored high in the French culture as well as won the attraction in the travel world. The island has got relaxed lifestyle and crystal clear ambience. The sandy beach and aquamarine water tempts its tourists to indulge in relaxation. The process of rejuvenation is best felt in this island. The residents of this Island are warm and peaceful.

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Bora-Bora Island:

Bora-Bora Island

The French beauty is best felt from the Bora Bora Island. France is famous in its collection of best beaches through Bora Bora beach. This island has earned the heart of all the gigantic tourism from all over the world. The Bora-Bora Island is considered as the most beautiful island of the world. Tourism from all over the globe considers this island as the gem of all the beaches in the world. The beach is always crowded by influential people, celebrities and top class of people from all over the world.



This island has earned its nickname as mini Bora-Bora The beauty of it is pure and serene; the mini tag line is provided to it because of its presence of lesser number of hotels and resorts in terms of Bora Bora. This beautiful and pristine island towers over a blue lagoon, giving the skyline the touch of bluishness and classiness. The crystal clear lagoon is very beautiful; the tourists always get to swim and rejuvenate themselves. The mountainous range hanging over this island covers the blue lagoon.

Ua Pou & Fatu Hiva:

Ua Pou & Fatu Hiva

This pair of islands in French territory is gorgeously beautiful and ranks fifth in the measure of beautiful French islands. These two islands are like identical sisters among the Marqueses Islands. Its beauty lies with the high end mountainous range, widespread beach as well as the crystal clear ambience. The mountain ridges overshadowing the Ua Pou is definitely topped by stovepipe spires. Similarly, the yacht anchorages attract the maximum number of tourists in Fatu Hiva.

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