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A lot of tourists would want to know about the eco-tourist destinations that would change their vacation style. If you are an eco-adventurer, you would love to visit some of the destinations we have highlighted.

If you love nature and want to spend time where the ecological world is blissful, you wake to the birds singing, the antennas jumping around and the predators looking for their unlucky preys, then you would these destinations. From the colorful coral reefs and the lush jungles to the fabulous fiords and sprawling savannas, then we are on the same boat to these wonderful destinations.




It was during the 10th season of ‘Survivor’ that this island was featured and seen then, it has become a hotspot for tourists. This place is known as one of the foremost diving destinations in the world.  The colorful underwater wonderlands and the crystal clear sea is simply breathtaking, it features over 500 species of different marine animals.  The beaches are unspoiled and things are just like in the beginning when deforestation was not heard of. It is situated in the westernmost corner of Micronesia.  There is no fishing here to preserve some of the endangered species of fishes and the Palau Conservation Society takes care of a lot of endangered species.

Norwegian Fjords

Norwegian Fjords

The remote location of this destination and its strict environmental regulations are what has helped Norwegian Fjords to look exceptional. The pristine beauty, the snowcapped mountains, the crystal clear waters and the tumbling waterfalls present you with a reality in a fairy vacation trip.  You can hike, bike, run and take a scenic boat ride that would take you through the towering fjords.  There are varieties  of wildlife that you would see here, not to forget the numerous small fishing villages where you would see the ancient blend perfectly with the present.


Costa Rica

costa rica

A destination that has become synonymous with ecotourism is Costa Rica, and this is for many good reasons. There is the black sand beaches, misty cloud forests, rushing river rapids and thick rain forests that would give you the naturally home coming.  You would see a lot of animals like the sloths, monkeys, jaguars, poison fart frogs, seas turtles and many more. Even the accommodation here is environment friendly.


Kerala, India

Kerala, India

Kerala is located on the India’s southwestern coast, and it  is often called the  “God’s Own Country”. This is because of its lush forests, beaches and unique animals here. It is here that you find the nilgiri tahr, an endangered mountain goat. You can take your accommodation offer from the Rajamala National Park,  this is where you would see the bison, elephants and wild boar walk around the  the Lake Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary.



It begins from its numerous national reserves and parks, and ends in the accommodations. Everything in Kenya is so blessed by Mother Nature that you can hardly find time to worry about the city life, that is if you are in any of these natural parks. It is one of the best ecotourism destinations in Africa.


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