Top Countries That Export Agricultural Products

It would be impossible for the world to run successfully if there was no food. Even countries that are not able to produce enough food to feed their population have to rely on other nations that have greater production capabilities. Interestingly, the countries with the largest agricultural land area are not necessarily the highest exporters. China, for example, has a large expanse of land used for agriculture but most of the produce from this land is used for feeding its population that is almost a quarter of the world population. That is why it doesn’t appear on the list of top five agricultural exporters below.



The destination of US agricultural products has changed over the years with some countries gaining and other s decreasing in importance. Over the years, China has grown to become a major export destination for US agricultural products but in 2013 this was met with setbacks mainly due to the effect of drought and the low prices paid by China for such goods. Canada has now become a major destination for US agricultural exports. The main agricultural export products are cotton and soya bean.



Agriculture in Netherlands is focused on sustainability. The agricultural sector in the Netherlands is doing well thanks to the modernization of many agricultural processes. It is a leading exporter of vegetable and fruits providing vegetables to most of Europe. Agriculture is a major contributor to the economy of the country. More than half of the land surface of the country is used for agriculture. Most of the agricultural products are exported to EU countries.

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Agriculture may not be the most important industry in France in terms of its contributions towards GDP but it is very important in sustaining the economy. At least 50% of land that is available of agriculture is being used for cultivation while the rest is used as vineyards and pasture land. Most of the farms can be found to the north of France. Main agricultural products include cereals like wheat, beef, wine and industrial crops like flax seeds and potatoes. France is also well known for its different types of cheese.



As the largest producer of products like sugar cane and orange juice, the export of agricultural products from Brazil has seen huge growth over the years. Brazil as a country exports less agricultural products than it imports thereby enabling its trade balance from these products to be high. The main destination for Brazil’s products is China although there is some amount of trade with the US especially when it comes to the export of sugar cane based ethanol. Its main export products include Orange, coffee and sugar.



Although agriculture in Germany has dwindled over the years, it is still a big exporter of agricultural products. Germany is a big exporter of dairy products and also pig meat. Apart from exporting to EU countries, China and Saudi Arabia have also become export destinations. The country is also a big exporter of cereals like wheat to countries in North Africa and the Middle East.

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