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When you think of the perfect beach what do you imagine? White sand as far as the eye can see. Crystal clear cool water. Rolling dunes. Pretty alcoves. Or perhaps you like crashing waves and a ripping wind to carry your kite? Whatever your preference, rest assured there’s a beach in Tarifa to match your dream.

Los Lances

Los Lances beach is the stretch of beach that runs parallel to Tarifa town. It’s 7 kms long and 120 m wide. It is split in two with the Rio Jara (River Jara) separating it into north and south. The south side is the end closest to Tarifa town and is popular with locals, tourists and surfers. In the summer time, expect this stretch to be busy. The north end also caters to tourists but they tend to be weekenders or guests of the surrounding hotels. Various points along the beach are designated zones for surfing, swimming and sunbathing.

Valdevaqueros Beach

Valdevaqueros beach is a hotspot for wind and kite surfers. This beach is located in between Punto Valdevaqueros and Punto de la Peña and is approximately 4 kms in length. Off-season this beach is relatively quiet but in high season, expect to find the skies above this stretch of water jam-packed with kites.

Punta Paloma Beach

Punta Paloma beach is located 10 miles from Tarifa town. It’s known because of the large dune which stands behind it. The dune was formed by the strong easterly winds that blow across Tarifa. When Levante is blowing, this is a great spot for sunbathing. When Poniente is blowing, this is a great wind and kite surf spot.

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Bologna Beach

The beach in Bologna is considered amongst the most special in Spain as it is the last virgin coastline on the Iberian Peninsula. Surrounded by rugged landscape and totally devoid of the apartment buildings that have ruined Spain’s more northern Costas, the raw beauty of Bologna beach is a unique sight.

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  1. HI,


    Nice post, I too love Tarifa and its beaches. I’d just like to add one more beach to your list – Playa Chica. Just by the town and the start of Lances. This tiny beach is popular with windsurfers in the winter since its the first beach to get the strong Levante winds.(Windsurfing is banned here in the summer coz the beach is too small /busy – Playa chica means “small beach”)


    Oh and I’m not familiar with Bologna beach – did you mean Bolonia ?


    Have fun in Tarifa

  2. Playa Los Lances is one of Southern Spain’s most unspoilt, virgin beaches. Located a short drive from Tarifa town, you can either cyle or drive the 5km from the centre of the pueblo. Backed with lush vegetation and lagoons, the dunes and pine trees provide shelter from the winds which can be very strong on certain days. Like other beaches in Cádiz coast sand in white, water is clear, waves are wild and the whole scenary is stunning. Surfers are part of this atmosphere all the year round, it has long been the best place for winsurfers in Europe, kitesurfers usually dot the ocean making this the perfect spot to people watch.

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