Top Affordable Cities To Visit

There are a lot of reasons why you should cut cost during vacations. This is the reason why we have made it possible for you to visit some of the most affordable places in the world. These places are lovely when it comes to tourism which is the reason why a lot of people run from places like Paris to enjoy amazing time in some of these cities. You can still dine and wake up with luxury when you are here.



Even Nepal has been hit by natural disaster currently, the earthquake that has claimed several lives and the numbers are still mounting, it has one of the cheapest cities to travel to. While most people will go to Nepal and end in Kathmandu, there is not much to see there. The site attractions are very few and can be covered in a day. For a more interesting holiday, Phokara is a better city to visit. It is cheap in terms of living cost, and you have the added advantage of finding more to see. You can take guided tours to the mountain. However, these can be relatively expensive. Some people prefer to have a tour around the city itself.

Kiev, Ukraine


Ukraine has always been a remote destination for travelers and depending on where you are coming from it is cheaper than other places in Europe. It is a fairly cheap city to live in even before the many struggles that the country recently went through. Due to the struggles in the country, the value of the currency has fallen and inflation is also very high. This is a good thing for those come from without as they can make advantage of the low currency exchange rate and get accommodation and feeding for small change.

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Hanoi, Vietnam


This is the cheapest city to go to in Vietnam. Apart from the los cost of living, you get to enjoy a mix of French colonialism and the post communism era in Asia. Accommodation is cheap and the food is not only cheap but good. You can sit with the locals in one of the many cafes found around the city.

Bucharest, Romania


Bucharest may not be the most interesting town in Romania but at least it has managed to get some good reviews over the years. Many people think the city is boring but this year, those who decide to travel there may find something interesting in the city. The low prices for accommodation and feeding in restaurant are interesting bait for those who need to go on a holiday but are on a tight budget.

Ho Chi Mihn City Vietnam

ho chi minh city

This is another Vietnamese city that makes the list of cheapest destinations in Asia. The city which is popularly called Saigon is more modern than Hanoi and offers travelers much more to see. Although the prices for accommodation and feeding tend to be higher when compared to other cities in the Country, they are quite cheap by world standards. You can also enjoy the busy nightlife with the very friendly locals.

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