Top 5 Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

There are lots of places where one can have a great honeymoon celebration that would always be remembered. You would definitely love this five exotic destinations around the world where you would have a special time out with your spouse and also enjoy the beautiful things of this life at an affordable rate.

Maui Island, Hawaii

Maui Island, Hawaii

Maui Island is one of the most popular honeymoon places in the whole world for newly married couples. The transportation to this island is made easy so that people can access it easily.The honeymoon destinations have made it easier for those who need a cool and exotic place to spend their romantic honeymoons. For those who are coming to Maui Island in Hawaii with their spouse for honeymoon, there are lots of resorts centers that they can make use of. If you will stay up for a day of even weeks, there are lots of juicy offers that premier timeshare resales have made available for you. The place is simply irrestitible with their food and beautiful surroundings.

Cairns, Australia


Cairns have lots of locations that would give a couple that exciting feeling of coming to Mother nature like the Daintress Rainforest.

And the way guides have been positioned at Cairns airport, Australia, any couple would be able to take advantage of their services and get to any part of this Cairns for their honeymoon.The cost of visiting some of these locations is very affordable. You can change the currency you are entering the Cairns with at the airport. This is what would be able to give you that support you need when you are here.

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Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands, Malaysia

Genting Highlands is a popular hilly resort in Malaysia located very near to the city of Kuala Lumpur. This highland is also called the Resort World Genting. The Genting group wished to develop a very wonderful resort for couples having their honeymoon and therefore the Genting highlands was developed in 1965. The height of this highland is very high and extends about one thousand eight hundred meters above sea levels. There are many hotels within this wonderful resort centers and highlands. The distance between the Genting highland and the city of Kuala Lumpur is very near, about one hour drive by car.

The Genting highland was developed by Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong. He conceived the idea of this highland on visiting the Cameron highlands for business trip.

Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland

There are lots of places to visit while in Ireland. This is why we have a lot of couples who are visiting this part of the world. For couples who would want to spend a splendid honeymoon, they should make use of any honeymoon spot that has been reserved for couples .

Sicily, Italy

Sicily, Italy

In Sicily where this city is located, you would come to embrace the beautiful things of life in the form of passion, color and vitality. This is seen in different shapes and features. It is in the capital of Sicily that Palermo has its domain which is why we see couples coming to have a feel of Italian lifestyle and culture.

There is the medieval ancestry that people would always want to see when they arrive Palermo airport.

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