Tips For Those Moving To Amsterdam

I moved here in July 2011, and moving from one country to another especially when it’s as different as Australia is from Holland is never an easy task. The biggest challenge you will find in Holland (especially Amsterdam) is accommodation. I found to be the most helpful as the staff on the site are quick to respond (which you really need as places don’t last long) and they constantly kept the site up to date, where as a lot of others you will find leave the properties on their sites even after they have been leased. Also you can lease the whole house as well and do not need to share with anybody, so the site covers all types of accommodation needs.

The next major task will be a job, now of course this depends on what field you wish to work in, but if you’re looking at working in the professional field then an agency like this one is great, and if you just wish to do something casual and easy then check out these guys.

Last tip, get a bike, makes life a whole lot easier here.

But all in all, the move has been fantastic and the locals have been extremely welcoming.

Happy travels and best of luck.

I have developed a lot of contacts in the short time I have been here, if you have any questions or would like help with something in particular, I would more than likely be able to answer or be able to help so feel free to drop me a line

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