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Located on the shores of False Bay,

Simon’s Town

is the kind of place where your dream of fantastic lovely holidays can come true. Home to the South African Navy, this commercially important city is situated near Cape Town, South Africa.

Although there are several remarkable attractions to enjoy in the city, it is known well among holiday lovers for the Boulders Beach. Another nice thing to enjoy there is the well preserved Victorian architecture that takes you directly to the Historical Mile of the town.

Fun loving people like the Jubilee Square, a hub to quirky shops and friendly cafes. Snapping beautiful photographs and watching boats travelling to False Bay and Seal Island are just few of the things to do in Simon’s Town.

Things To Do in Simon's Town

Within walking distance away from the Jubilee Square, Seaforth, the best beach of the town for swimming.. For restaurant lovers, a beach side restaurant is there. It is also the best place to watch the sunset.

Those who are not into swimming will likely go to Long Beach as it is the perfect place for taking long walks. Catching the most spectacular scenes of sunrise at Seal Island will also be a great adventure for you.

When To Go:

This attractive and beautiful town is good to be visited during the winter months when the rest of the Cape Peninsula remains wet, windy, and cold.

Simon’s Town is one among the three or four seaside towns in the country possessing their faces in the northern side; on the other hand, the Simon’s Bay is also habituated by the strong wind from north-western side determining the weather of this beautiful South African region.

Simon van der Stel in 1687 carried out a survey on this place and named it as Simon’s Bay. Winter season is lovely here for the beautiful sights of sun rise over the Hottentots-Holland Mountains.

You should also know that the region experience occasional rainfall during the winter season.

Things To Do in Simon's Town

The central part of the town is quiet and comfortable in winters and travelling there will be a good idea on cold weather.

Native people hardly lit fire in home during colds as the weather never makes them feel uncomfortable.

Things to do in Simon’s Town


Apex Shark Expeditions

Apex is the best attraction in Simon’s Town for those who love watching Sharks. The white Shark community of False Bay is awesome and denote all about the regional wildlife.

An experienced and friendly crew there is perfect and ambitious to represent everything about Sharks. The main objective to work behind this expedition is to show the beauty and majesty of these exclusive creatures.

The staff is very helpful and supportive to offer booking to customers for Apex Shark Expeditions as well as to arrange accommodations and car rental.

Apex Shark Expeditions

Apex Shark Expeditions is the kind of event which should not be missed at all by adventure lovers. This is the best opportunity to watch white sharks hunting the Cape Fur Seals; those adventurous predations that create outstanding scenes where your curiosity doesn’t even allow you to blink your eyes.

Witnessing those thrilling spotting skills of the crew as they know all about the hotspots of the predation activity, will become one of the most unforgettable moments of your life.

After the predation activity, you can spare time on cruising around the island to explore its interesting marine life. Antics of cape fur seals, dolphin pods and many other special things there will make your trip to the seal island exclusive.

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African Shark Eco-Charters

When you visit this city and you try to catch the best wild animal sight, many things depend upon a piece of luck too.

But you will be happy to know that all the crew members do their best to offer everyone the chance of going closer to the sharks. Also, they are expert to lure sharks and making all the possible efforts to let you see them diving.

You can be even lucky enough to catch a view of a 16 feet long African Shark. Great days watching sharks, adventure sights, boating and incredible moments to snap pictures together offer you the best memorable experience on this part of the city.

African Shark Eco-Charters

It has an extensive adventure trip to Simon’s Town, the

African Shark Eco-Charters

will also add the top highlights to your vacation. Representing a fantastic morning with the African Shark Eco-charters, the crew makes your trip a breathtaking one in the Seal Island.

Whether you think about watching a pod of whales or highlights about the marine wildlife, you will definitely find something innovative and exciting every time you visit the city.

You will love to try the scuba and cage diving here, all this as you watch sharks from close by while being submerged into the depths of the water.

Boulders Beach

Being one of the famous beaches of the city, Boulders Beach has been developed a lot from a tourism point of view. A colony of about 3 thousand African Penguins makes this place extensive and worth watching.

Bearing big sized, rounded rocks gave this special name to the beach. Apart from the beautiful beach and huge boulders, several rock pools and coves are there to explore.

As this place is an official tourism site, you are charged to enter and allowed to walk through boardwalks and have a view of the beautiful penguin colony sights.

Boulders Beach

This extensive region allows you the chance to know more about penguins and learn about their lifestyle and habits. If you are in search of a calm place to spend some nice time, you can check out an exciting bathing spot and semi private beach on to the entrance of the Boulders Penguin Beach at the end of the road.

Boulders Beach is a tiny beach area where children love to play on the sand sheet. A secluded little bay is there which is frequently enjoyed by older people and big children. If you want to, you can snap amazing photos with penguins and catch their fascination towards people’s colorful beach bags and towels.

Cape Point

In Simon’s Town, there is no lack of awesome tourism points and attractive sports where you can discover great panoramic views and chilled vibes.

The extremely fantastic fauna of the city attracts animal lovers to explore more in the city. Getting the chance of watching the penguin community, ostriches, baboons, zebras, sharks, springboks and whale, you will find things amazingly impressive and fantastic to remember.

Cape Point

Cape point

is the kind of place where you can explore exotic flora and fauna. You should have plenty of time when you visit here so that you can walk around and capture interesting views. Secondly, don’t forget to keep something warm to wear with you as this windy region experiences chilled weather often.

A visit to this place is worth only when you visit at the top and have a view of the city from there. Apart from all the lovely scenes and spectacular views, there is a gift shop, snacks point, restaurant and all is ready to welcome and let you enjoy the city.

Ollava Scuba Day Tours

If you are just visiting to the country for an adventure trip and planning to catch some thrilling moments, nothing can be better idea than being at the Cape where you can not only enjoy scuba diving but also get the chance of watching a bounty of seals, sharks, and wrecks.

Planning an Ollava Scuba Day Tour is a good idea as the team of Ollava is friendly and knowledgeable to support you.

Ollava Scuba Day Tours

Condition of weather and currents determine whether you should dive at particular time or not. Being situated in the best location of the city, the False Bay and the Atlantic side are good places for diving.

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It has well equipped dive centers in the exciting spots that are ready to welcome you to jump in the water. You can choose either to go to the shore, rent the boat or scuba dive.

Simon’s Town Country Club

Another attraction in the Simon’s Town is the Country Club, a fantastic spot to have good breakfast and catch excellent views of boating.

In other words, all you can have here is an interesting combination of good service, nice food and family hangout. If you are intent to catch pretty locations and delicious lunch, the Simon’s Town Country Club is the best destination for you in the city.

Simon's Town Country Club

If you are curious of enjoying good hospitality and expect luxury services, this place is the best place to enjoy it. This place is really exclusive with the strong wind offering you a challenging job for playing golf.

The best thing you can do there is to have snacks and drinks in a relaxing environment.

Simon’s Town Boat Company

Offers great educational, entertaining, and awesome trip in Simon’s Town.

Like all the other spots of adventure diving and boating, you should be ready to have your trip cancelled because of the wild and major winds. But the staff is supportive enough to handle things with great responsibility and promptness.

Simon's Town Boat Company

Watching whales and exploring more about their lifestyle is something to watch out for to make your trip wonderful. Also, listening more about the marine life there from locals is great idea to collect valuable information.

Being experienced and well know about the marine facts, the crew knows well the route for enhancement of the wildlife viewing experience. Apart from having the chance of watching wildlife, you will be able to see seals, humpback whales, white sharks etc.

Foxy Beach

Another important point to notice about this beach is that it is sheltered from wind in comparison to other beaches.

This place is good for those who are interested in snorkeling. You can go as far as the barrier of rocks and seaweeds at the small bay’s mouth which makes the place too narrow to swim for sharks. You can also plan a visit to this beach on the day you are going to the Cape of Good Hope.

Foxy Beach

Watching the penguin party and their waddling in and out of the ocean and interesting life style make tourists feel special and full outcome of the investment they have done for the deal.

The happiness and pleasure of the penguin colony seems like they are welcoming you to their home. Access to the

Foxy beach

is simple and fine through wooden walkways over the beach habitat where you will find penguins digging sand holes or taking sun bath.

Cape Boat Charters

Catching an awesome day in Simon’s Town is possible in Cape Boat Charters because you will find a perfect point for bird watching there.

The all you can have here is watching pelagic birds, tuna fishing and sightseeing. In case the weather does not favor fishing and boating, you can enjoy having a stroll to the wine farms where you can have good views and delicious food.

Cape Boat Charters

The expert crew members there know how to catch fishes and offer you all the feasible possibilities for an interesting fishing session. This is how you can have good fishing experience and can catch big game fishes.

The best designed boats with well fitting seats, shelter, space for fishing and bird watching and toilet facilities on boat makes it an ideal adventure. In short, you will surely find Cape Boat Charters as the best destination if the weather is favorable.

Pisces Divers

During your trip to Cape Town, this site is an awesome place to get good diving spots. A coffee shop near this point refreshes you when you want some caffeine boosts.

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A wonderful experience you can have there is to swim with the seals and dive with cow sharks. The friendly and supportive staff there is ready to dress you well to withstand the cold water.

Playful cow sharks, basket starfish, stunning jellyfishes, shy sharks and lovely kelp forest with astonishing invertebrates together makes your trip wonderful. You will find things organized and well planned with lots of fun deals.

Pisces Divers

You can ask more from them everything about dives and boating. Nothing can be a more interesting idea than the warm and welcoming Pisces Divers team to make your stay remarkable.

All the members of the crew are helpful and supportive and you will not miss any chance of having great fun and joy in the diving point.

Even, the crew offers you all the required stuff to keep yourself warm while diving into the cold water. Whether you talk about the booking and rental gear process or about convenience of diving, you will definitely get every possible favor by the staff.

Scratch Patch and Mineral World

Scratch Patch and Mineral World

One of the famous and well managed institutions in Cape Town, the

Scratch Patch and Mineral World

offers great things to do for kids. The entire region is enriched with semi precious stones for children to explore.

Catching a fun hour for kids become possible here and you can have great day here when you cannot go for boating or diving due to bad weather. Snapping photos of your children rummaging among the glittering stones to find out the best for their cup is a lovely idea.

Cape Fun Tour

To make your day fantastic on the Cape fun tour is choosing the best and experienced guide. This is how you can enjoy even the secret spots to have fun in the city. Wine tasting is also an interesting activity that you can try.

A nice guide can offer you good pastime and fun deals to enjoy in various places without any rush or hurry. It is one of the wonderful places where you can make the best memory of your trip to South Africa.

Your guide will help you to know more about the history of various stages of settlement of the Cape. The plan of an overnight stay in Franschhoek will make your tour more charming.

One of the noteworthy points about a trip to South Africa is that despite the fact that the country has not so many wonderful things to represent, the natives’ love for their motherland and their extensive efforts to make every tourists fall in love with the country makes the place outstanding.

Cape Fun Tour

This is all about the attractive and entertaining points you will enjoy visiting in Simon’s Town.

Lovely sea sides, beaches, diving centers and boating points make this city one of the favorite destinations for water adventure lovers.

On the other hand, those who have special interest in watching marine life deeply from up close will find this place suitable for them. Apart from all this, the place is good also for those who are planning a historical trip to Cape Town as numerous museums are there to tell you more about the history of this city.

SAS Assegaai Museum, warrior toy museum, Simon’s Town Museum, South African Naval museum, Noorul Islam Heritage Museum are some of the museums to see.

All these things together make a nice reason for you to plan your next holiday trip to Simon’s Town.

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