Things To Do In Macau

Filled with culture and surrounded by blue water, Macau is one place that you will definitely want to visit. Sites like the Macau Tower, ruins of St. Paul, and the Ponte de Amizade (Bridge of Friendship) are some of the beautiful places in Macau that offer scenic pleasures to the tourists. Along with culture and history, Macau also offers fun on a different level to those who enjoy going to casinos; it’s like a mini Las Vegas with most earnings coming from gambling. Lying on the western side of the Pearl River, the glittering lights of Macau at night can blow your senses away.


When To Go:

One of two Special Administrative Regions of China (along with Hong Kong), Macau can be hot in the summers; with rain and typhoons quite common, it is not a good travelling time. Spring is warm and humid. The best time to travel to Macau is in the autumn when days are cooler — from the months of October to December. Winds from the northern regions blow in, making weather comfortable; keep light sweaters and jackets handy during this time. Winters are quite cold with the temperature dropping as low as 14 degrees during the months of December till February. Winds from Siberia start to arrive in the Macau peninsula making woolen clothing, jackets and sweaters a must for travelers visiting in this time period.

You can find hotels at low rates during the summer period. The autumn and winter seasons are expensive as most tourists travel to Macau during this time, making it a season of high tourism in Macau.

Here’s a list of the

things to do

in Macau:

House of the Dancing Water

House of the Dancing Water

This place is a must-visit and has been rated as the number one tourist site by many people. A specially built hall which houses up to 2000 seats, it can hold more than 3.7 million gallons of water and will provide the most wonderful experience you can have.

House of the Dancing Water

Located in the City of Dreams, this theater has the biggest performances with the most renowned lighting effects, sound effects and glittering costumes that you can possibly imagine. The exclamation point to your trip to Macau will definitely be this dazzling show, with excitement you’ve never seen before.

Historic Centre of Macau

This historic part of Macau references the Portuguese era. It has houses built with different styles of architecture, churches from various times, a tangle of streets and even an ancient cemetery. The

A Ma Temple,

located in this area, is a lovely destination to experience the local culture and religion. Places to visit within this area include the famous Guia Fort, St. Paul’s Church, the Mount Fortress, the Dom Pedro V Theatre and many more.

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Historic Centre of Macau

The temples and buildings make the architecture of the Historic Center very diverse and vivid. You will see quintessential elements of the existence of both Western and Eastern cultures, for over 400 years. Most places of interest have no entrance fees and are open throughout the day, but you can check their hours with the Board of this Historic Center.

Macau Tower

This modern building is the tenth-tallest freestanding tower in the world and one of the most scenic places in Macau. It has an observation deck that allows tourists to gaze at the wondrous sights it has to offer. Moreover, this tower contains ‘Skywalk X’ which gives people an adrenaline-rushing tour around the edge of the tower at the height of 765 feet from the ground.

Macau Tower

Restaurants, shopping malls and theaters are all a part of this tower. At night, the place comes to life with glittering lights all around. Looking down from this tower you can see the east and west

Mangyang Hill


Casino Lisboa

and even the further island of Hong Kong. You can enjoy the sunrise or the sunset from this magnificent place and appreciate the true beauty of Macau. This tourist site is all about the adrenaline and something which one should enjoy in Macau.

Casino at Venetian Macau

For tourists who don’t just want the culture, art and scenery, this place offers you an exciting time. This 40-story hotel is among the largest buildings in the world by floor space. Performances, accommodations, dining, shopping, exhibitions and gaming are all available here. Divided between the tourist and casino areas, this hotel is a must-visit for all tourists. Quench your thirst for historic sites in the tourist area, which is filled with Venetian-styled buildings, plazas and canals. As in Venice, gondolas for tourists are available on the Marco Polo, San Luca and Grand Canals, all of them named after Venetian canals.

Casino at Venetian Macau

Visit the famous

San Marco Square

for shopping, especially elite brands. Go to the

ZAIA Theater

for an ever-famous Cirque de Soleil performance. The casino of this hotel is one of the biggest casinos in the whole world and is divided into the Red Dragon, Golden Fish, Phoenix and Imperial House. More than 800 casino tables and 4000 slot machines are present in the Venetian Hotel. Games from blackjack to roulette are offered in this place — admitting only people over 18 years of age. The hotel has over 30 dining options for its visitors, with dancing women and performances going on all through the day. One of the magnificent buildings and sites in Macau, this hotel should be on your touring list.

Largo do Senado (Senate Square)

This is a part of the urban area of Macau, located adjacent to the

Loyal Senate Building

. It has been present since the Portuguese era and is surrounded by European-style buildings. This square leads to places like the hill of ruins of St. Paul’s church, St. Domingo’s church and Casa De Lou Kau. Moreover, this place will take you to the famous bakeries of Macau to ease your hunger pangs and provide you with the distinct taste of Macau. In 2005 this site was added to the UNESCO’s World Heritage List as it forms an integral part of the Historic Center of Macau.

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Largo do Senado

You will find traditional Chinese restaurants in this area along with many shopping places and famous snack bars. A statue of a Portuguese soldier who killed many Chinese soldiers once stood here, but now it has been abolished and replaced with a fountain — due to which the Square is also known as ‘The Fountain.’ This square is a center for all popular celebrations like Christmas and the Chinese Spring Festival, of which you can also be a part. Make sure to visit this scenic place enveloping different eras and cuisines.

Grand Prix Museum

This museum opened in 1993 to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Grand Prix. It holds items like photos, videos, articles, cups and records of champions. Famous cars formerly driven by world-renowned drivers are on exhibition at this museum. The best one here is placed in the center of the hall; it was driven by Aryton Senna and is a red-and-white Formula 3 car with a helmet and racing cloth displayed along with it.

Grand Prix Museum

For people who are interested, two simulators in the Grand Prix Museum allow you to enjoy your own race. Fantastic views from Grand Prix race in Macau are on exhibit in this museum.

Right next to the

Grand Prix Museum

is the famous

Macau Wine Museum

. Inaugurated in 1995, it contains a collection of more than 1115 brands of wine. Divided into three epochs of the history of winemaking, the collection and wine display in this museum caters to enthusiasts of European history.

Grand Prix Museum

It offers people actual tastings of about 50 types of wine, all famous brands. Another part of this museum has a display of porcelain bricks painted from the 18th century and there are some replicas too. Mannequins are featured in one area, that depicts the culture of Portugal by displaying a variety of dresses. This is one of the best museums and provides not just boring history but lots of enthusiasm; check this place out for extra fun.

Camoes Garden and Grotto

Camoes Garden and Grotto

Named after a famous Portuguese poet banished to Macau, this place was actually the home of a wealthy trader and it is quite popular with photographers. This highly visited site offers a peaceful setting with small hills, exquisite flowers and winding trails. The highest point is called the Gazebo, from where you can enjoy the view of the inner harbor and you will also be able to see a man-made fountain from 1990. A bronze statue, called ‘Embrace’ is located in these gardens and is a sign of friendship between China and Portugal. This spot is quite popular for locals who exercise, walk, play chess and walk their animals here. Take a stroll in these beautiful gardens and reminisce about the poetry of Luis de Camoes.

Ruins of St. Paul’s Church

Constructed from the 16th century,

St. Paul’s Church

caught fire and was reconstructed — after which it burned down again when a typhoon hit the city. In 1835 the church caught fire for the third and last time. Having a baroque façade, this building is made from granite with five tiers in its classical construction. The first tier consists of three entrances and ten Ionic columns. The middle entrance has ‘Mater Die’ carved on top. The second tier has ten Corinthian columns with three windows.

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Ruins of St. Paul's Church

The remaining three tiers are highly decorated with a statue of the Madonna in the third tier and a statue of Jesus standing in the middle of the fourth. The walls are covered with patterns of symbols, angels and devils. The architecture has been acknowledged to be a perfect fusion of western and eastern cultures. The Monte Fort lies to the east of the ruins and was used to protect the church from pirates. It is quadrilateral with cannons on four sides. The fires destroyed the fort as well, but the ruins were restored during 1990 and 1995. The view from here is breathtaking, and is very popular not only with tourists but for the locals, as it provides a view all across Macau.

Kids Cavern (Cotai Sands Central)

This place is the most amusing site for children and reminds you of the Toys R Us located in New York City. This magical emporium is established at

Sands Cotai Central

on the third floor of Ten Shoppes.

Kids Cavern

It has integrated themes for kids, and you can find an endless range of toys and other forms of entertainment. Kids Cavern also includes a clothing shop just for youngsters. Qube 2 is also another interactive place for children. Along with other beautiful sites, this place is somewhere fun and children are always enthusiastic about a visit here.

Galaxy Laserama

This refers to the galaxy in the skies above us, and with this laser show Macau indeed depicts an entire galaxy and beyond. One of the largest laser shows in the world, everything is fully in sync with music, and the laser beam technology is state-of-the-art. Providing you with 8 different shows every night, the theme is always different and the lighting so magnificent that you can experience and watch it all across Macau.

Galaxy Laserama

This show takes place at the Galaxy Hotel Macau. Its twin towers have a multitude of lasers and LED lights, and the exotic show will leave you awed and thrilled as the sky lights up from the lasers and the music surrounds you. The newest and biggest attraction in Macau — built in 2011 — this hotel is definitely an amazing place to visit.

DIVINO Ultraclub

To make your visit’s last night in Macau the most memorable one, visit the best club in the city.


introduces dancers from all around the world and is located in the heart of Macau, at the

AIA tower

. The best place for adult cabaret entertainment, this is a must-visit to enjoy the true Macau.

DIVINO Ultraclub

The interior is artistically reflective of Chinese culture with sculptures and leather sofas along with a lively and vibrant atmosphere. Famous for hosting celebrities and elite people from around the world, DIVINO is the liveliest and most partying place in Macau. It is definitely worth a visit!

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