Things To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a cosmopolitan desert oasis, a cutting edge cityscape that towers over the Arabian Desert.

This is a city of excellent wealth. It is home to the world’s biggest dancing fountain and its tallest building (Burj Khalifa); a 7-star lodging, the prestigious hotel Burj al-Arab; the biggest reclamation islands (the Palm Islands); and biggest characteristic horticultural garden (the Miracle Garden).

Here you can rent an ATV for a desert adventure, deal at the outdoor market, or support your favorite hoofer at the Camel Race Track.

Dubai is a thoroughly modern city and widely recognized as an important commercial center and port in the United Arab Emirates.

Things To Do In Dubai

Things To Do in Dubai

When To Go:

Dubai has an extraordinary tropical desert atmosphere, tempered by the ocean. Evening-time temperatures range from the mid-50s in winter to the 80s in summer.

Daytime temperature range from 75 in the winter to the 100s in summer (May, June, and July.) High humidity likewise occurs in summer, and the very warm sea waters (99 in summer) contribute to the danger of hurricanes and tempests in the Persian Gulf area.

Rain can occur in the form of thunderstorms or showers that don’t last excessively long, or as winter storms.

Things To Do in Dubai

Water temperatures range from 75 in the winter (August, September to October) to the 80s in spring and fall, and the 90s in summer.

Proof of the tropical atmosphere of Dubai might be found in its landscape, as coconut trees and Christmas palms (both grow exclusively in tropical and semi-tropical areas) are widely planted and survive well in the city.

These are exciting things to do in Dubai:

Dubai Fountains

Everyone needs to see this spectacle preferably at different times and on different days. The music is always changing and the presentations will be accordingly diverse.

But to see the Dubai Fountains open and showing their splendor is always a fascinating and beautiful experience. The main thing you need to consider is finding a comfortable place to watch (always go across the footbridge from the Dubai Mall.)

It is quite an impressive sight and one of the most vivid impressions of the United Arab Emirates along with the skyscrapers and the aquarium site.

Dubai Fountains

Every thirty minutes the music changes and the movement of the fountains will adjust to the tempo of the music being played.

It is best to watch it at night or climb the top of Burj Khalifa to have the best view of the dancing fountain. The show is presented a total of four times in the evening and you can expect a huge crowd to gather at all key points that face one of the favorite and most entertaining spots in Dubai.

Dubai Metro

The traffic in Dubai can be pretty intense and even though the buses are efficient and have air-conditioned bus stops (at least the majority), the subway is considered as the ideal way to move around.

Dubai Metro

At the moment there are two lines that cover most of the needs of tourists (apart from the Jumeirah area, where it is more comfortable to travel with the bus.) By 2020 they plan to build three more subway lines. In the Dubai Metro, the trains do not have a driver.

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The coaches are large, spacious and clean. There are cars reserved (within a certain time period) for women and children. Although at peak times there are a lot of people, security is not an issue.

The Dubai Metro is distinguished not only for its futuristic appeal and the elevated stations but it is absolutely the most convenient way to go around the city.

Dubai Metro

It is reasonably priced and can help you get around quickly to the top attractions in the city of Dubai.

The metro is very efficient and a truly economical means of transportation that is also highly recommended when taking short trips — don’t get stuck in traffic inside a taxi along the city streets!

Burj Khalifa

One of the spectacular things to do in Dubai is to climb the tallest skyscraper in the world with its half-mile of height.

The observation point is placed at just over 1500 feet (which however is not a small distance.) The splendid 360 ° view over the city of Dubai (the other skyscrapers will look tiny) and the lift that takes you up to all 124 floors in a minute add up to a once-in-a-lifetime experience that must not be missed.

Burj Khalifa

If you can choose, from 6:00 PM onwards is the best time to admire, from the top, the fountains located at the bottom with the water that moves to the beat of the music. “From the earth to the sky!” This is the message that greets you at the entrance of the Burj Khalifa, and the feeling is exactly that!

The experience is unique and really worth it. To enjoy it without any hassle, book the entrance ticket (online) a month before going to the Burj Khalifa to get the best spot (at sunset) and the magnificent view of the building and its surrounding attractions from the top.

Burj Al Arab

While the only way to see inside of this hotel is to make a reservation at one of the restaurants or bars, you should really do it.

The price will be high ($120 US for tea!) but it will give you a chance to see unbelievable luxury and experience it up close.

By booking a high tea not only are you guaranteed a replacement lunch menu, but you also have the freedom to spend some time admiring its golden and luxurious interiors in the lobby.

Burj Al Arab

Men should wear a suit and women must wear a skirt or a long gown. It is expensive but it is all worth it.

The 7-star hotel Burj Al Arab has the most stars in the world, and its sail-shaped face to the sea is one of the famous icons of Dubai.

This is definitely a mandatory stop for every tourist who can manage it. There will be no disappointment as it is a superb hotel; unfortunately it is not possible to go beyond the control of the strict guard at the entrance hallway if you are not a registered or acknowledged guest.

Dolphin Bay

A nature reserve and a modern training center for dolphins located on Palm Jumeirah with the Atlantis hotel.

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The natural conditions are created here in a bay designated specifically for the dolphins’ habitat and learning interaction with people. You will be amazed by their intelligence; it is especially fascinating to watch how they can be unpretentious and play puzzle games.

For children, it’s just an unforgettable experience, and even adults can ride behind them on the water holding ropes. The entire dolphin experience is unique, educational and exciting.

Dolphin Bay

The staff is attentive, skilled and prepared with careful explanations about dolphins and how everyone should behave when entering the pool with the dolphins.

With a training guide, you can dance and swim with them, play ball, stroke and kiss also, and every interaction is immortalized in the wonderful pictures that the operators will hand out to you after the tour.

iFly Dubai

The fun begins at the Mirdif City Centre, a mall that is a little outside the center. For this free fall experience you must meet a few fitness criteria but if you do it’s really fun for everyone — large or small, old or young.

For a bit over $50 you get a safety briefing about what the iFly Dubai is via video and coach. There are only four simple positions that you have to be able to assume but really, the most important thing is to stay chin up.

Then you must put on a jumpsuit (changing rooms and lockers are available), get earplugs and a helmet — and you may enter twice for one minute each in this huge Plexiglas tube which blows from below, allowing you to float freely up in mid air.

The coach is always there to assist and look after your concerns. Even if you are traveling in a group, cameras are not allowed. Photos and a video are taken by the staff (there is a great stylish iFly USB stick that they provide).

iFly Dubai

You can then buy the photo and the video of you actual “flight”. One more tip for the girls, tie your long hair or even better make a braid; it will be troublesome in the strong wind.

Long or short pants are good, because you can also pull the overalls over them. And most of all have fun and savor the unique experience!

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve is one of the best and most entertaining adventures; every tourist should explore this place. The desert safari is an excursion that is considered “mandatory” to do when in Dubai.

You can book the excursion through the agency named Arabian Adventures. At 3:00 PM a tour guide will come and fetch you from where you are currently staying, and after a half-hour journey by car you will arrive at the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve.

The experience begins with a falconry show (one of the most popular sports among local people), followed by a jeep ride for 30 minutes among the red dunes of the desert.

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The tour winds up at a camp for dinner, where you can also have the chance to ride on a camel, get a henna tattoo, smoke shisha and take in the stars as haunting Arabic songs play in the background.

Before the night ends, the colors fade and silence reigns supreme . . . the reserve has given the world another day of one of the most unique shows on earth.

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Wild Wadi Water Park

Offers all kinds of pools, slides, a wave pool and a lazy river so that you can stay a whole day without getting bored at all.

The number of deck chairs is a little limited. For security there are lockers at several points and at the counter you can also rent a cabana. Food prices in the Water Park are reasonable and the pools are of customary depth.

Wild Wadi Water Park

The variety of slopes and features is impressive, and even when the park is full the waiting times are not too long.

Anyway, there are plenty of lifeguards and this makes the guests feel really safe; they are all very friendly and always smiling. The simulated wild waves never fail to elicit screams of fun and laughter from the amused and satisfied guests.

Dubai Creek

During ancient times, it was here that people were focused on activities related to fishing and pearl trading; it was the only port and so it was also here that the majority of the action happened in “Old Dubai”.

Now the new co-exists alongside the old with the low houses next to the light-colored skyscrapers. A walk along the bank of the creek is always nice; do not miss the passage from one side to the other with the abra, the classic local boat.

These small water taxis run from the Deira markets to Bur Dubai berths, and from the boat you will have a beautiful view of the bay and its banks all at the cost of 27 cents. You can then continue on foot going through the shops of the old souk (gold, fabrics and spices).

Dubai Creek

For those who have a little more time and want to explore further, at the end (seaward) of the Creek, you can visit the old house of Sheikh (Sheikh Saeed Al Maktoum House) with its Tower of the Wind.

Also close by is the Heritage Village, where demonstrations frequently take place in the arts and traditional dances. Dubai Creek not only divides the city geographically, but also marks its corresponding name change: the southern part is known as Dubai Creek, Bur Dubai (Bur Dubai), while Deira Dubai (Deira Dubai) forms its northern territory.

Bur Dubai Abra Dock

After being mesmerized by the wonders of modern Dubai, it is very interesting to stroll through the old part of the city to the Bur Dubai Abra Dock.

Located on the shores of the Gulf of Dubai Creek. In quite a short time you can see the Old Watchtower House of Sheikh Maktoum, the Bastakiya district, Dubai Museum, Grand Mosque, Spice Market and the Gold Souk.

Bur Dubai Abra Dock

This journey is impossible without crossing the Strait Creek from Bur Dubai to Deira and back.

The boat, commonly known as abra, is a small wooden one with a capacity of no more than 15 people. These boats are very old but still well maintained and they hold a significant place in the glorious history of Dubai.

There are so many Things To Do In Dubai, hope you get a chance to get there one day.

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