Things To Do In Calpe

Very aptly termed as the Europe’s most passionate country, this place will show you an exemplary fusion of passion for food, landscapes and a vibrant life.


lies at the heart of Costa Blanca. An ancient fishing village, it has slowly morphed into a magnetic tourist destination. Easy accessibility via the A7 motorway and the N332 which connects Valencia and Alicante, the scenic drive takes one hour from the Airport at Alicante. The fascinating mixture of a primitive Vancian culture and modern Tourist facilities is exhibited in Calpe, which in itself has three magnificent beaches untouched by urbanization. A challenging golf course, rejuvenating Excursions, with the right blend of minimum and maximum temperatures making this place suitable for all types of travelers.

Things To Do in Calpe

Whether you have a sweet tooth or enjoy the fish exotically decorated on a platter, this is a heaven for experimental taste buds. The port in Calpe, is an active hub for yachting, wind surfing and water skiing. For travelers who want to stay a bit far away from the waters, the Rock of Ifach offers climbing facilities. Another peculiar trend of the countryside is the arched porticos in the ‘rui-rau’ country houses. This is designed such, to dry raisins on the roof tops. Apart from enjoying the sun and clear waters, and gifting yourself the best treats you could ever have, read below for the best you could make out of your stay in Caple, Spain.

Things To Do in Calpe

When To Go:

The best time to tour Calpe, Spain, is anytime of the year. With a minimum temperature of 20 degrees Celsius and the maximum of 40 degrees Celsius, the almost constant temperature allows the tourists to enjoy the bliss and beauty of this place all year around. Though you can have the best time in autumn between September till November for the weather at this time is just perfect for long days out in the sun.

Things To Do in Calpe

Here’s a list of all the amazing

things to do

in Calpe, Spain:

Noah’s Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

Ever heard of humans donating to animals? Well this is exactly what happens here. This wildlife sanctuary is well worth a visit for those who are passionate about animals. Housing only the homeless and rescued animals mixed along with strange and abandoned pets, this wildlife sanctuary is one of its kinds. It survives on charity. Listening to the subtle classical music, trekking on the slopes and gazing wildlife, this surely would make an unforgettable experience. Though it is just 5 euros for adults and 3 euros for children ass the ticket expanse for the entrance to this magnificent nature haven, do give generously for the sake of animals, that would thrive on your generosity.

Noah's Ark Wildlife Sanctuary

Just the kind of place where you would see dogs wearing shorts and jumpers in winters so that they stay warm. Country wide donations pour in before the onset of winters to help the animals sail through the harsh winters. Not only the locals but also the tourists feel a connect to this and donations are made throughout the year. This wildlife sanctuary is the home to various animals and birds and the sightings are pretty often. Every dime that you have spent making a day better for these animals will take you closer to peace. The next to see in line is the

Panon De Ifach

, the globe pointer for Caple in Spain.

The Penon de Ifach

Symbolizing Costa Blanca, this calcareous rock touches a height of 332 meters and is one kilometer long connected to the mainland just by a thin strip of land. This thin stretch of land is not natural and was a topographical feature created by a landslide. The geographical placement and setting of this rock makes it the most beautiful sight seeing spot in the whole of the Mediterranean region. A common meeting point for the scuba divers and the rock climbers, every day, a test of stamina and strength is given. The best time to reach here is in the wee hours of the morning to avoid the crowds later during the day. Though for the tour up the area you would have to use very dainty feet working their way up and around. Wind up your way through the top and have a clear view of the city with the Mediterranean Sea in the backdrop. Declared a nature haven in 1987, this area is now an acclaimed home to many species of birds and distinct plantations. Want to spend a moment of your life seeing the sun come up the horizon?

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The Penon de Ifach

This is just the place to be. Known to exhibit one of the best sunrises and sunsets, the beaches here have crystalline waters and the palm trees are abundant. A very primitive feel about this piece of land mass can be distinctly felt. It is assumed that the Libyans first captured it, considering the name itself means “to the north” in the language that Libyans speak. The Romans have inhabited this area for the longest and it is the various artifacts and archeological finds that have been a witness to the early civilizations in this area. The climb is smooth at most stretches and rugged at some places, needless to say that it is climbing up a rock mountain. It attracts its own loyalists to an extent that during the summers and the Easter Holidays, a ticket needs to be well in place before you get a chance to it. There was a time, not long ago, that the magnificent “Bath of the queen” stood right here in the salt mine. This was used to extract consumable salt and salt for preservation as well. Enjoy fish and rice based cuisines, a staple of this region.

Cactus D’Algar

One type of foliage that would always catch your attention is the cactus plant. Big or small, round or elongated, we have always given those special looks the Cacti. We may dislike it or shun it away, the fact is that Cacti are most definitely a unique variety of plants which exist. Now imagine having 50,000 square feet of land covered by cacti and greasy plants.

Cactus D'Algar

With over 500 varieties of cactus for display, take a walk and you would be amazed at the symmetry of the surroundings. Also mesmerizing it the types of species that are there is the park. The chirping of the birds and the humming of the insects make it a nature lovers’ paradise.

Playa de la Fossa o Levante

Calpe has very contrasting beaches. It is not the beaches but the waters around it that make it delightful. Nearly every country in the world has a beach, then why would you want to cross borders and visit some other beach in some other country, unless it offers you something which you would not find anywhere else. Clean sand, clean waters and clean air, is what distinguishes this beach from the others.

Playa de la Fossa o Levante

Beautiful water and low tides make it very calm. It is just the place where you could sip a glass of local wine called ‘jalon” and flip through a book basking under the sun, without the fear of a mighty wave tumbling your sand umbrellas. Children can be let around to roam freely on the beach. The gradient of the beach shelves slowly making it safe for children. The place also offers sumptuous food at many outlets that are filled with people quenching their thirst and trying the various authentic dishes.

Calas de Calpe

Carry homes treasures of beautiful sand stones from this beach. Clear waters that make you want to stay dipped all through; this is the beach of the bay, huge and long. This beach attracts the maximum number of tourists in Spain. It is imperative for you to carry your swimming goggles on this one trip specially so. It will help you locate the different species of fish and octopuses around the rocks.

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Calas de Calpe

This is the Mediterranean beach right in the peak of its splendor. With beautiful weather all year around, this beach is ideal to spend a relaxing week with your family. It also does boast of culinary delights that would leave you wanting for more. Most of the time when tourists book their packages for the tour around the country, they either come back on

Calas de Calpe

or halt right her and spend the rest of the holiday on this beach.

Mirador Monte Toix

A hiking trail which has the south covered by breath taking views of




, turning towards the north, you would be able to spot the Penon De Ifach on the other side. You can easily drive to the top, but the actual scape is the hike that would leave you just victorious once you step upon the top of the mountain.

Mirador Monte Toix

You can easily catch the driving instructions on the Signage on National Route 332. This is actually a favorite amongst travelers. People go here every time they visit Spain. Once you are tired of the climbing trail ad have a good night’s sleep, head the next day to what is called a Salt mine.

Calpe Salt Mine

Referred to as the “

Las Salinas

” in the local jargon, these salt mines are primitive and located just next to the national park. A part of an old bay which has been closed by an unusual formation of the barrier is visible from each side of the salt mine. The two parts of the barrier unify the Rock of Ifach with the rest of the landmass, creating the geographical topography called the ‘Tombolo’.

Calpe Salt Mine

A distinguished species of birds exist in the salt lakes. At times during the peak season, these birds can be seeing migrating in and migrating out. The best of the lot is the Pink flamingoes. It is definitely a sight to see, when the pink flamingoes flutter over the while salt fossils.

Las Antipodas Watersports Center

A family business that has been running for many decades now,

Las Antipodas

offers the thrill of mixing your adrenaline with the cold waters of the Sea. A royally affiliated center, this hub of water ports also offers short courses for learning various Water Sports. This includes an interpersonal contact with the Learner and also includes the rentals of the equipment. They also run summer camps for children, coaching them about Catamaran and wind surfing. The types of camps and tours being organized depend upon the weather and the number of people available for water sports.

Las Antipodas Watersports Center

The training/learning courses are offered at all levels of expertise and are safe for beginners also. Kayaking, Catamarans and wind surfing are extremely popular choices of the tourists. Bright sunny days and the chill in the waters are just perfect to make you feel that gush of blood in your body. The designer equipment available for rentals is a high end league and the trainers are the friends you make here. Free style surfing is what all youngsters enjoy. Not only does it give you the opportunity to throw style at the onlookers but the safest bet to surf is just here. Scuba diving and Water skiing are the major sights in the day. Had your share of water so far? And do not want to try anything more? Let’s go Road tripping on a bicycle.

Road tripping In Calpe

Cycling ironically is a very traditional sport. Biking in Calpe is heavenly. During the day the bikers go on pedaling their way through the meanders of the roads, and at night the maintenance staff refreshes their bikes to get back in action for the next day. This almost replicates the model of the migratory birds where in the birds’ venture out to find warmer climates. And here the bikers pull out on roads to cycle throughout the landscape of the country. Needless to say that this activity puts you in the routine of eating riding , sleeping and repeat , all through the days of the excursion.

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Road tripping in Calpe

It is not an amateur job to cycle your way through. You need to be medically monitored continuously. Going up and down the mountains is sure a task, but the whole activity at the end would make you feel as victorious as you could be. The best feature of this excursion is that you just cannot be lost. The moment you think that you have lost your way and are about to cry for help, you would find a narrow road leading to a bigger road right beneath your feet. This is the cycle trail that follows each other through a nationwide road tripping cycle group. Many groups have been formed for cycling through the mountains, and you can easily associate with any one if you want to try this out.

The harbor –Calpe

This is the entry point of the trade route through Spain. The importance it holds is not because of it being a shipping hub and a port, but the convenience that it is the most easily accessible port from the Mediterranean sea. This port has been used for trade and commerce for many decades now, but the attraction is the placement of the ships and cargo vessels in complete symmetry and alignment.

The harbor

A beauty spot on the face of the sea, this fishing port is now the

Calpe Nautical Club

. Once used by the romans extensively, this port area now has many eating joints and restaurants with contrasting menus. Adventure lovers can try sailing, scuba diving, Wind surfing and water–skiing. So enjoy a day filled with water sports and help yourself to a delightful cuisine right beside it.

Golf – A traveler’s Delight

Beautifully and accurately designed, the golf course on a country estate is situated in Benissa. It is a nine holes golf course and offers scenic views of the sea and the mountains. Even though the holes are short, but the placement and the tricky terrain makes it a tough golf course for the game. Originally a game the Scots would enjoy, Golf is now a globally favorite sport.


So just at a drive of an hour, the golf course is for all the golf lovers and practicing your shots there is certainly more relaxing than tiring. So if the path to reach the course is a meander through the fairways, the course itself is a relief from the noise of urbanization.


Trying the best that is on every menu you read is what makes the vacation a culinary experience. You cannot go to Spain and eat noodles. You have to eat what is native to Spain. The night life is very colorful. With a huge list of bars and restaurants, the options to dine out are not limited. The difference being that, ones near to the beaches are a bit steeper than the ones that are a bit farther out. Try the Sangria here and you would know what the actually a Sangria should be. This sangria seems to be descended right from the heavens. Interested in whicker ware, shop at the

Gata De Gorges

. The fragrance of a local bakery and the essence of better and cookies will make your mouth melt. Though you would end up adding a lot of calories, this part of the planet has just the cakes that you would have drooled upon. Relish them for they are what you would remember for a long time to come.


The world is shrinking everyday due to the immense intervention of technology every day. But there are still a few cultures and countries, which have been able to retain their connect with nature and simplicity. Calpe in Spain is one such destination which will make you traverse through your childhood once again. The streets are filled with color and the beaches are rejuvenating. The wildlife is treated with compassion and cycling keeps you running high and low. A visit planned once to this place, will satiate your inner peace and you will want to keep coming back for more.

“A traveler sees what he sees and a tourist sees what he has come to see” –Gilbert Chesterton

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