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The capital city of Barbados, Bridgetown, offers to you amazing cruises, Broad Street, amazing boutiques and a totally unique shopping experience. Go for yachting, fishing, enjoy night life on Baxter’s Road and view cricket matches. For a more historic trip, visit the National Heroes’ Square, the oldest Jewish synagogue in the western hemisphere and also go to the house where George Washington stayed and the church he attended.

Things To Do In Bridgetown

When To Go:

The best time period to visit Bridgetown, Barbados is from July to November. It’s not the peak season; you could attend many of the lively festivals taking place during this time and enjoy the good weather with mild hurricanes which rarely ever hit the island. From December to April the season is at its peak and hotels are at double the cost. The weather is rainy and pleasant for a visit with lowered temperatures. If you visit during the best time, then you can enjoy festivals like the Crop Over Festival in July and Barbados Food & Wine & Rum Festival in November.

Read on for a list of places to see and

things to do

when in the city of Barbados…


This is the best place to go for scuba diving. Dive with an expert sea diver and go enjoy the actual marine life; a whole variety of sea life and fish with which you can swim and enjoy the beauty in the waters of Barbados. Find turtles, fish, barracudas and even some rays if you’re lucky. This adventure is quite an adrenaline rush with the deep dive from the mast right into the blue water.


The Stavronikita

is a Greek freighter which caught fire during the 1970s and after drifting in the water for about 3 days was brought to Barbados where she was burned down and finally sunk in November 1978. After 20 years the wreck is now a sight of activity with corals and sponges grown all over it where a whole marine life has started living and breeding. The dive takes you to different depths and you get to see the sunken ship at its beauty in the sand. This is a once in a lifetime experience and if visiting Bridgetown this is a must!

Garrison Savannah- Barbados Turf Club

One of the oldest racing tracks in the Americas this site is history along with fun. Horse racing dates back to 1845 when Barbados was under colonial rule of the British Empire. Now horse races are organized by the

Barbados Turf Club

during the entire year. For people who do not know much about horse racing the atmosphere will be filled with buzz, excitement, good food and an experience they never had.

Garrison Savannah

The important races on the list are the Sandy Lane Barbados Gold Cup and the Barbados Triple Crown. The

Garrison Savannah

has been the home ground of horse racing where the British soldiers used to race where the merchants and wealthy citizens used to join them in. Book your seats before visiting so you have the chance watching this exquisite game and enjoy it thoroughly.

Kensington Oval

This cricket stadium located in Bridgetown, Barbados is known for hosting the World cup Final in 2007. It has been used since 1882 for cricket matches and the first international match held in this stadium was in 1895. The stadium was extensively rebuilt for the World Cup 2007. The

Kensington stadium

has also been used for events which are not cricket matches like pageants, concert events, matches of the national football team of Barbados, hockey and interschool athletic competitions.

Kensington Oval

The ground has a huge TV screen and even a Jacuzzi where fans can sit and watch the match while relaxing in the pool. Moreover, behind the stadium there is a grassy ground for picnickers to come and enjoy with bunkers underneath it for the media. Entrance to the stadium is absolutely free however there are stalls for food where you can buy stuff to eat. If you find the stadium empty you can take pictures right in the field or if there is a match going on you can enjoy the thrill. So go ahead and take a tour of this amazing oval shaped stadium.

The Boatyard

This boatyard provides you with all possible activities and unbeatable beach facilities with white sand and the calm blue waters. A package is offered as soon as you enter into the boatyard which makes sure you spend a fun filled day. Few of the many amenities include a lounge chair, an umbrella, an Ocean trampoline, Iceberg Climb and Slide, a rope swing with scheduled times, fresh water showers, Wi-Fi, darts board, pool table, a dive platform, restrooms, beach side restaurant and bar with lively music.

The Boatyard

There is also a turtle and snorkel tour available on a few selected days. Make sure you visited this heavenly scenic place to make your day with such enthusiastic activities and an amazingly peaceful place where you can rest after tiring yourself out in all the thrill.

Jewish Synagogue

Built in the 17th century this

Jewish synagogue

is the oldest synagogue in the Western hemisphere. The

Nidhe Israel Synagogue

was destroyed by a hurricane in 1831 was rebuilt, after which it fell into total disrepair and was sold in 1929. It originates from the British settlements in 1627. In 1983 it was brought back to a presentable condition by the Jewish community with the beautiful Gothic arches.

Jewish Synagogue

It is now a part of the Barbados National Trust which makes it a protected building and also an active synagogue. Right next to this building is a museum. The synagogue is a pleasant site to visit where you can go through the guestbook which dates through history. Visit the tombstones where some go back to the 1600s with inscriptions in Hebrew, Portuguese and English. In 1660s about 300 Jewish people settled in Barbados and started the sugar industry there making Barbados one of the major producers of sugar.

George Washington House

When George Washington was 19 years old he stayed in this house for 2 months making Barbados the only foreign country he ever visited. Now under the control of the Barbados National Trust the house is fully repaired and maintained while giving insight to the life in Barbados 250 years back.

George Washington House

The ground floor is furnished basically as it would be in 1751 having a four poster bed with a thick mattress and a mosquito netting around, which was a necessity during those days. A small basin and ewer in a corner and the chamber pot under the bed was the common thing. Various kinds of chairs of that time are found around, a marble top to place hot plates and different kinds of cutlery used in the house. The house shows how things were kept cool by the steady breeze through the windows and also how water was filtered for drinking during that time period.

George Washington House

The second floor is dedicated entirely to display of items of the typical life and are aided both by audio and video. Medical appliances are lined up on the floor. Chains are displayed as one of the many artifacts of that time as that was a time period of slavery and people were chained up as punishment. This house is filled with historic relics from across the time in Barbados, and mainly include items from the British rule. A tour to this site is highly recommended.

Parliament Buildings

Made out of coral stone and built in the19th century, these

Parliament Buildings

are now an important part of the Barbados architecture and sightseeing. The building and style show a British influence. They contain history and political importance of Barbados. You can enter after paying a certain amount of fee and take a tour relishing in the historic charm of Barbados which will only take one hour to complete. Completed in 1874 and a statement of Gothic architecture these buildings are very strategically placed in the heart of Bridgetown, Barbados.

Parliament Buildings

These buildings are

the House of Assembly


the Senate

. They were chiefly erected to provide accommodation for the Houses of the Parliament. The stained glass windows in the

House of


depict the Queen of England and were designed by a firm in London but were manufactured by a local engineer. On the main stairway of the West wing are two stained windows which have the Biblical quotation ‘Render to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s.’ A tower was built in the East wing to accommodate a clock and a peal of bells. In 1886 the clock and bells were relocated to the West wing. The cast iron railings surrounding the buildings were made by a British firm. Take a walk and visit this place and take a tour of the vast building.

National Heroes’ Square

Formerly known as Trafalgar Square, this triangle shaped square is right across the Parliament Buildings, marks the actual center of the city. The monument to Lord Horatio Nelson stands in this Square since 36 more years than the Nelson’s Column in London’s Trafalgar Square. In this area there stand a war memorial and a fountain which commemorates the event of running water in Barbados in 1865. It was renamed

National Heroes’ Square

in April 1999 from Trafalgar Square to celebrate the hard work and determination of some people in the development of Barbados.

National Heroes' Square



or the

War Memorial

is a obelisk grey granite structure with a coral stone basin which was built in 1925 to commemorate the deaths of those in World War I. It has the Island’s Coat of Arms and the names of those who died in both the World Wars written. The

Dolphin Fountain

was built to commemorate the first piped water in 1861. The



Dolphin Garden

came to be built later. The location of the Square with its historic importance and ambiance make it the perfect place to have cultural events, festivals and is a major tourist attraction where people can take pictures with the historic monuments and sit within the bajan culture. So take a walk down to the Square and enjoy history combined with culture.

Baxter’s Road

This road is known to be Bridgetown’s Mecca for great food, best rum and friendly locals.

Baxter’s road

is one of the best nightlife places in Bridgetown which never sleeps and keeps you entertained with food, ambiance, lights and people around. This street boasts authentic Bajan culture and an atmosphere which is perfect for partying and for socializing. Not only known for the party, this place has historic importance with many building from yesteryear and many tourists compare the structure with the old buildings in New Orleans.

Baxter's Road

In the day you will find mini-markets, super markets, restaurants and bars, rum shops, rental shops, bakeries, street vendors to everything. In the night you shall find pool tables, parties, bars and Caribbean cuisines, fish fry and karaoke.

Baxter’s road’s Fish Fry Village

is one of the amazing places to be in the night, true Bajan experience with a whole variety of delicacies prepared by street vendors in cold pots or open flames. Lined with stalls serving different types of fish with side servings this street is an absolute place to visit. If it’s not just fish you want then you’ll get a whole array of chicken and other dishes from Jamaica, Trinidad and Guyana. The most recommended place on this street is the

Pink Star Bar

which is a common favorite for locals who want to hang out for drinks; this bar is one of the oldest establishments on the road. So go ahead and take a dive in the Bajan culture of the town and relish the food offered.

The Careenage

This is an inlet into the city which is amazingly scenic as it is lined up with boats and surrounded by clear blue water. The famous and historic

Chamberlain Bridge

built in 1872 was replaced in 2006 by a modern lift bridge. This bridge allowed entrance into the city.

The Careenage

used to be an area of extreme activity in older days as most trading ships and vessels came here. Now it is mainly used for private pleasures like yachting, catamarans and fishing.

The Careenage

Do not forget to take your camera along as the beautiful water and the clear blue sky make it absolutely lovely. You can find snacks there; the veggie burgers and nachos are two of the known foods there. Just sit there with food and later on grab a drink from the nice pubs around and relax. The boardwalk which takes you to the


provides a terrific viewpoint of the

National Heroes’ Square, the Parliament Buildings

and the

Broad Street

. So take a walk to this exquisite place and enjoy the jazz bands scattered while having a nice time and food.

Batts Rock Beach

Located on the West coast of Barbados

Batts Rock Beach

is just a few minutes away from Bridgetown. This is a public beach area which has facilities like picnic benches, shower and changing places, drink machines and even a small playground for children to play in on see-saws, slides and swings. The sea is mostly calm here making it excellent for swimming while a few places with stones make it good for snorkeling too.

Batts Rock Bridge

The trees that line the shore have the ruins of what used to be a beach front dancing spot many years ago. The woods behind the beach are house to the local

Green monkeys

of Barbados. The

Batts Rock Beach

is the perfect spot to lounge and get tanned in the sun while ships cruise on the water and catamarans go out to feed the friendly sea turtles. This beach is away from the hubbub of the city and is a good spot for relaxing in the sand and you can even find some good private spots to lie down. Take your camera and enjoy the sunset in this magnificently scenic place.

Brighton Beach

Place of the most beautiful sunsets,

Brighton Beach

is home of the whitest sands and the clearest waters. A good spot for snorkeling and swimming this locally popular beach has many turtle nesting’s within the sands so be careful not to hurt any of the eggs or babies. The famous part about the

Brighton Beach

is the natural pool known as the

Hot Pot

by the locals. This beach is mainly a fairly long stretch of sand with some minor rock and reef outlets in the middle and be careful of the sea urchins found in these spots. Walk up north of the beach and you’ll find a small fishing village.

Brighton Beach

On the beach front there is a

Rum Distillery

and a

Beach Club

with a bar and restaurant which offers tours and facilities to the people. It is quite popular to cruisers who drop at this beach to take a rest and enjoy the view. This should be on your place of visiting in Bridgetown.

Bridgetown is an excellent place for taking a vacation. The sandy beaches, the parties at Baxter’s road, the calm and azure blue waters surrounding the Careenage, are all tempting and worth a visit. So pack your bags and head to this town filled with history, culture and scenic views! Make your trip worth it and visit the alluring places in the capital city of Barbados.

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